Wilson Combat Introduces The Tactical Ultralight Rifle Series

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Wilson Combat Tactical Ultralight Rifle

Wilson Combat has announced the launch of its new Tactical Ultralight Rifle series. These rifles are engineered to provide a balance of reduced weight and superior handling, making them suitable for a broad range of tactical situations.

The Tactical Ultralight rifles are built on the trusted AR-15 platform, known for its modularity and dependability. Wilson Combat has made these rifles available in three calibers: the standard 5.56 NATO, the adaptable .300 BLK, and the unique .300 HAM’R, developed by Wilson Combat itself.

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To achieve a lighter frame without compromising strength, Wilson Combat has designed custom-forged upper and lower receivers. The use of a Rogers Super Stock and a 16-inch Ultralight Hunter profile match-grade barrel contributes to the rifles' weight reduction while maintaining their performance.

Understanding the importance of durability, Wilson Combat has applied its Armor-Tuff finish, initially created for their 1911 pistols, to the Tactical Ultralight series. This coating increases the rifles' resistance to wear, ensuring longevity even in the most challenging environments.

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A low-mass bolt carrier group is another feature that lightens the rifles without affecting their reliability. This component is crucial in maintaining the Tactical Ultralight's performance standards.

The heart of the Tactical Ultralight rifle is its flat-top upper receiver paired with a matching lower receiver, both forged for optimal strength. A 16-inch threaded barrel, equipped with a Q-COMP muzzle device, and a mid-length gas system with a low-profile gas block, ensure efficient and smooth operation.

The Tactical Ultralight series offers customization through a 10.4-inch Wilson Combat M-LOK rail, providing space for various tactical accessories. This feature allows users to tailor the rifle to their specific operational needs.

Wilson Combat Tactical Ultralight Rifle 05

For user comfort and control, the rifles include a Mission First Tactical grip and the Wilson Combat M2 Tactical Trigger Unit, which delivers a consistent trigger pull. The package is completed with a Wilson Combat/Rogers Super-Stoc, a standard buffer, and a Mil-Spec buffer spring, ensuring reliable operation.

The series also addresses the needs of customers in states with stringent gun laws by offering California-compliant configurations. With an overall length of 33.25 inches and a weight of just 5 pounds and 9 ounces for the .300 HAM’R model, the Tactical Ultralight rifles are now available for purchase, starting at an MSRP of $2,150. This price point reflects the high-quality features and performance that these rifles offer. 

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