Nineball SOCOM MK23 2 Way Metal Outer Barrel SAS


Laylax Nineball SOCOM MK23 2 Way Metal Outer Barrel SAS

Another follow-up product from Laylax, introducing their Nineball SOCOM MK23 2-way Metal Outer Barrel SAS that fits the Tokyo Marui SOCOM MK23 NBB Pistol that is a favourite sidearm for airsoft snipers. Ryan of Laylax tells us more... "Recently LayLax has decided to revamp its Nineball outer barrel series and the first to release are the 'Hi Capa Non-Recoiling 2 Way outer barrels' and to follow up with that we are releasing a similar part for the Tokyo Marui Socom MK23.

SOCOM MK23 メタルアウターバレルSAS [NINE BALL/ナインボール]【7月発売予定!予約受付中】

Featuring our new Nineball Socom MK23 '2 Way' Metal Outer Barrel made of precision machined and durable aluminum to accommodate all of your suppressors, tracers, and amplifiers. The outer barrel’s durable build prevents damage and warping of the outer/inner barrel while allowing for a vast collection of attachments to be used. The outer barrel itself is negatively threaded at 11mm so any positively threaded 11mm attachments can slide right on. The kit additionally comes with two muzzles, one that sits flush and is non-threaded, and the other being a 14mm CCW muzzle to attach any of your muzzle devices. No need for additional attachments or adaptors! Your all-in-one MK23 outer barrel is here.”

Laylax Nineball SOCOM MK23 2 Way Metal Outer Barrel SAS


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06 Aug 2020

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