Checking The Operation Of The Krytac KRISS Vector GBB


For airsoft players in Japan, they can get the upcoming Krytac KRISS Vector GBB when it gets released via Laylax. Here is a video they made to check the operation and feel of this GBB... "The long-awaited Vector gas blowback gun is now available from the airsoft brand "KRYTAC" developed by firearms manufacturer KRISS! An introduction video will be shot at a later date!"

Lancer Tactical Kalashnikov USA "KR Series" AEGs


Laylax are the official distributors of Lancer Tactica in Japan and in this video, they present the KR series of AEGs that are licensed by Kalashnikov USA (no relation to Russia's Kalashnikov Concern). The Kalashnikov USA officially licensed AK series, and made by Lancer Tactical, is a full-scale model that impresses with its high level of accuracy. Despite its lightweight, the interior boasts a robust full polymer AEG structure for enhanced durability.

Laylax November 2023 News: KRISS Vector GBB & Other Updates


Laylax give an update on the soon to be released KRISS Vector Gas Blowback from Krytac, new models from SIG Sauer and the Maxim9... "The much-anticipated gas blowback KRISS Vector has finally arrived from the airsoft brand "KRYTAC", a venture of the renowned firearms manufacturer "KRISS", famous for Vector! We also have a wealth of information on SIG SAUER's new electric gun and the latest carbon product details. This is a must-read for Sabah gamers!

Laylax Garuda Gun Socks


Give your airsoft guns more protection from the elements and Laylax got the Garuda Gun Socks for this purpose... "Gun socks compatible with rifles and M4s. Soft, stretchy polyester material protects your gun from dust, dirt, and impact scratches. It has a certain amount of stretch and can fit a sniper rifle comfortably. Available in 2 colors. When folded, it becomes compact and convenient for storage.

Jet DesertFox Tests The AeroFlex Face Guard


The Laylax Battle Style AeroFlex Face Guard gets tested by Jet DesertFox in an actual game. The AeroFlex Face Guard, developed by LayLax, enhances the airsoft experience by prioritizing comfort. It doesn’t aim to revolutionize, but to refine, allowing for a natural posture and proper cheek well on your rifle. The guard features a durable silicone insert that offers substantial face and mouth protection. This insert can be easily removed for cleaning, and the mesh face cover is washable.

Installing A Custom Inner Barrel For Tokyo Marui AKM GBB


Laylax put out this video showing how to install their custom inner barrel made for the Tokyo Marui AKM Gas Blowback Rifle. The F.FACTORY brand offers a stainless steel inner barrel designed specifically for Tokyo Marui gas blowback machine guns, including the AKM and AKX models. The barrel, with a length of 200mm and an inner diameter of φ6.03mm, boasts a high precision tolerance of ±0.01mm.

Laylax Dark Energy Poseidon Pro


Laylax got their tough powerbank that you can bring to the field to help juice up your mobile devices and it's called the Dark Energy Poseidon Pro... "Introducing the mil-spec compliant mobile battery "POSEIDON PRO" used by the US military, FBI, etc.!

Battle Style Armor Face Guard In Laylax Special Episode


In a Laylax International special episode Marck has as special guest Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology as they talk about the Armor Face Guard product that company has under its Battle Style brand... "Special Episode featuring everyone's favorite Jonathan from Airsoftology . Today we dive into a highly anticipated product that some of you might have gotten your hands on already, the TDC Outer Barrel!  What's the hype all about?  Watch and find out!"

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