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Laylax First Factory TM M4 Outer Barrels

Laylax got some new First Factory Outer Barrels for the Tokyo Marui's Next Generation & Standard M4 AEGS. Designed for the various free float handguards, it is available in three lengts, 6.5", 8.5", and 10.5". An O-ring is insalled at the joint part of each barrel piece to prevent it from getting loose. It has the heat gradation (gradient) treatment to give it a nice look.

Satellite Tri-One Point Bungee Sling V2

If you are a bit confused with how the Satellite Tri-One Point Bungee Sling V2 from Laylax works, it means it has three ways to sling your rifle. It is still a One Point Bungee Sling, but you can choose to either use a: 1) Hook; 2) Loop; or 3) a Paracord to attach your rifle to the sling. This is now available at the Laylax online store and available in Tan, Ranger Green, and Black.

LayLax Ghost Gear Ladies Corset Rig

More on the Ghost Gear Corset Rig available at Laylax. Designed for female airsoft players, it is a solid build that defines the female shape. It uses the MOLLE system to accommodate MOLLE compatible gear such as pouches. To adjust the corset to the comfortable levels, the cord used is paracord to be consisten in its build and durability.

Nine Ball DE.50AE Railed Barrel Jacket

Ever wanted to mount optics on your Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle Pistol? Now you can with the Railed Barrel Jacket from Nine Ball available at Laylax... "It is a rail integrated type barrel jacket that further enhances the massive image of the desert Eagle gun. The top rail which covers from the muzzle front to the slide rear part boasts a high degree of scalability as well as good silhouette!

Laylax: Tokyo Marui M45A1 GBB Take Down

Laylax released a video showing the disassembly and assembly of the new Tokyo Marui M45A1 CQB Gas Blowback Pistol... "Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback M45A1 is an introduction of an example procedure up to complete disassembly. The part name being disassembled is based on the parts list of the product. In the process of disassembly, I think whether it is a procedure that makes it hard to lose the springs and parts. Please make reference for maintenance and repair."

5.1 Lower Frame Edge + Compensator

Extend your Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 to 7 Inches with this new custom design from Nineball at Laylax. The NINEBALL Tokyo Marui Hi CAPA 5.1 Custom Lower Frame R EDGE 5.1 ​​inches + Compensator allows you to do that without changing the 5.1 slide itself. It is made of aluminium alloy and fits the Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 series excluding the Gold Match.

Tactical IQOS Case From Laylax

For those who heat tobacco instead of burning, Laylax got available their Tactical IQOS Case which allows you to bring a IQOS to the field. The IQOS heats tobacco just enough to release nicotine-containing vapor without actually buring the tobacco, which is done with cigars and cigarettes. Those who want to switch from cigarettes can have this option.

Laylax: First Factory Krytac Barrel Clip

New product at Laylax under the First Factory brand is the Krytac Barrel Clip. Made of nylon material that is hard to crack it is recommended for those who frequently do custom work. It is compatible with the Trident Series, KRISS Vector AEG, and the new TR47 AEGs. Check it out in the video below:

Laylax Nineball 13mm Muzzle Protector

A Nineball 13mm Muzzle Protector is available at Laylax. This was designed to protect the muzzle thread when a suppressor or flash hider has been removed. Thi will fit the 14mm reverse screw, and muzzle option mounting screw thread length of 10.5mm or less. Installation instructions shown in the video below:

Battle Style BITE-MG Pistol Velcro Sticker

Already out of spaces in your loadout to put a patch on? Dont' you fret as Laylax comes to the rescue. They have available the Battle Style BITE-MG Pistol Pouch Velcro Sticker set allowing you to place a Velcro base on your magazine pouch so you can place a pouch. However, the magazine pouch should be the Handgun Bite-MG which Laylax also sells. This does not fit M4/M16/AK magazine pouches.