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TM MP5 Kurz NEO Silencer Attachment

Laylax shows you how to install the First Factory Tokyo Marui MP5 Kurz SAS Silencer Attachment NEO. This allows you to install a suppressor that requires a 14mm CCW thread. This will fit the Tokyo Marui MP5KA4 AEG and the Tokyo Marui Gun MP5KA4 AEG but not the  Tokyo Marui High Cycle Custom MP5K AEG.

Laylax Ghost Gear Ladies Culotte Skirt

Culotte skirts which we usually see worn by female characters in action anime shows, can now be used in airsoft with the announcement of the Ghost Gear Culotte Skirts by Laylax. It is available in Woodland, and MC camp patterns for now. These are pleated are can be used with leggings and tights with belt loops for BDU belts.

Check sizing first as these Asian sizing. Men are welcome to order too if they fancy wearing one for a game.

Laylax Nineball TM Hi-Capa Magwell NEO

A nice looking Nineball Magwell NEO is available at Laylax. Made for the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol, it can fit the 5.1 and 4.3 as well as the Custom Dual... "Supports quick mag change! It is Lightweight with high precision aluminum. Increase the entrance width of the magazine housing and aid magazine reloading quickly.

Laylax FF G3 Stock Base NEO & Stock Pipe Set

Laylax announce the new First Factory G3 Stock Base NEO. Made for the Tokyo Marui H&K G3 AEG Series, this allows you to install stocks made for the M4 series that fit the standard Tokyo Marui M4 AEGs. There are two options to choose from: the first one being the First Factory G3 Stock Base NEO; and the second one being the First Factory G3 Stock Base NEO With Stock Pipe. This will fit the following:

Nine Ball Hi-Capa 5.1 SAS Front Kit NEO

New release from Laylax, the Nine Ball Toyko Marui Hi-Capa SAS Front Kit Neo... "This SAS front kit makes it possible to install 14 mm reverse screw compatible option to the gas blow back gun Hi - CAPA 5.1 series manufactured by Tokyo Marui.  By minimizing the influence of optional weight on the operation, we made it possible to minimize the option weight by installing it via the lower frame instead of mounting the option directly on the outer barrel.

Laylax: TM Scorpion Mod M Takedown

For new owners of the Tokyo Marui Scorpio Mod M, Laylax has come up with a takedown video for you to follow... "With the Tokyo Marui Electric Compact Machine Gun Scorpion, we introduce an example procedure up to disassemble the Mod M. The inside of the grip (around the fuse) and the magazine are omitted. We would be pleased if it will be helpful for maintenance, repair, customization."

Laylax Nitro.Vo P90 M-Lok Handguard

P90 owners can finally install an M-Lok Handguard on their AEGs with the introduction of the Nitro.vo P90 M-Lok Handguard by Laylax... "This product is equipped with M-LOK, it is an item that excels in practicality by adopting the design premised on silencer installation as well as enhancing the expandability! In addition, the material is class A Japan-made aluminum alloy specification that is both high quality and lightweight and high strength!

Laylax Battle Style Performance Shirt

We are digging this Battle Style Performance Shirt from Laylax which is now available to order in Japan. This is a zip-up shirt that helps in providing the best performance especially in speedy airsoft games. It is a tight fit to the body, with the silhouettes excellent in athletic function. It is lightweight with quick dry fabric used. Front zip can be adjusted for temperature.

Laylax FF TM M4 MWS Custom Chamber

In stock at Laylax is the First Factory Custom Chamber for the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB... "This is a custom chamber corresponding to the gas blowback M4 series manufactured by Tokyo Marui. The elevated unit at the end of the hop arm restrains the displacement of the hop tensioner, so a stable hop-up can be realized.

In addition, our company's hop tensioner (flat/bridge) can be used, so it can correspond to various settings. 

Nitro.Vo TM Type 89 Custom Gas Piston

Laylax has a Nitro.vo Short Custom Gas Piston for the Tokyo Marui Type 89 AEG. This however does not fit with the original handguard of the Type 89 and is especially made for the NITRO.Vo Tokyo Marui 89 Type Key Mod Hand Guard Short. Below is the video showing you how to install this custom part.