Laylax: Satellite High Bullet BB Loader


Another speedloader to compete against the new speedloaders in the airsoft market. Laylax announce the availability of the Satellite High Bullet BB Loader... "Speedy BB loader that can supply 6 BB bullets in one operation. The body is made of clear material that makes it easy to check the flow of BB bullets and the number of remaining bullets!
Also, the size is set so that it can easily enter a magazine pouch, making it convenient to carry.

Web Limited Edition LAS Military Wagon


For gunsmiths and airsoft players who want a convenient tray on wheels for airsoft parts, guns and accessories in their rooms, garage, workshops, or their retail shops. Laylax announce their web limited edition LAS Military Wagon. The following text is a rough translation using online translation tools... "Limited military style colors coordinated stylishly! Make an army room with a military style! Military interior is hot now! Stencil paint is a military tool wagon with outstanding presence.

PSS RE: Zero Trigger For TM VSR-10


Laylax announce the new Perfect Sniping System (PSS) RE: Zero Trigger which is a piston and trigger set for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Series designed for better and lighter trigger pull. This can be used with other VSR-10 clones for those who are interested in this product... "This trigger unit and dedicated piston set is built for the Tokyo Marui Bolt Action VSR-10 series of rifles.

This new trigger unit utilizes the proven PSS series of previous trigger systems and improves upon it.

Krytac Owners Meeting Volume 4 Report


Survival Game women' give their report of the Krytac Owners Meeting Volume 4. The event, hosted by Laylax, took place near Tokyo, Japan last month and it looks the attendees had a great time in this video. This is held yearly where there fun and games with guests from overseas such Airsoftology, RWTV/RedWolf Airsoft, Landwarrior Airsoft, and This video is made by ぐるぐるすっくん.

FF KRISS Vector QD Sling Swivel End


This First Factory Laylax KRISS Vector QD Sling Swivel End will allow you to attach a sling when you remove the folding stock. It is now available at the Laylax online store... "It is an item that can attach a QD sling swivel to KRYTAC KRISS VECTOR . It is manufactured by cutting all from high rigidity aluminum alloy material.

By installing this product, it becomes a pistol style that eliminates stock, realizing a sling work that is compact and easy to handle.

FFactory KRISS Vector Drum Mag Adapter


Increase the capacity of the magazine that you use with the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG with this First Factory Drum Mag Adapter that will be released by Laylax by the end of the year. You can use the Tokyo Marui 400-round MP5 Drum Magazine with it... "This product is an item that greatly enhances the vector's firepower by combining it with Tokyo Marui's “MP5 400 continuous drum magazine (sold separately)”.

"This Airsoft Video Game is REAL!"


Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology takes a video of the Taito Gun Arena during the Krytac Owners' Meeting that took place in Japan last month. This video game arcade is now being marketed overseas and what airsoft players would love about this is that you can use airsoft guns to shoot at the digital targets. Find out how the feedback from those who tried the game.

Laylax Satellite Urban Gun Case


A padded gun case called the Satellite Urban Gun Case from Laylax is expected to be released this month and will be available in Black and Griege colours... "The Urban gun case which combines a glossy twill fabric with a silver fastener and a large stealth print. This produces a casual look by using fabrics not found in conventional gun cases.
Two types of core material are used in luxury to protect the electric gun from any impact.

Laylax: AI Tornado 2 Timer Operation


A demonstration of the new Airsoft Innovations Tornado 2 Gas Grenade which has a timer feature. Laylax has this in stock for the Japanese market and it comes with a Japanese instruction manual... "It is a timed grenade 'AIRSOFT INNOVATIONS TORNADO2' that spreads 200 BB bullets over a wide range of 360 degrees."

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