Laylax TM G19 Gen3 High Grade Custom "Black Enforcer"


Laylax present their "Black Enforcer" which is a Tokyo Marui Glock 19 Gen 3 High Grade Gas Blowback Pistols. Watch the video to find out which of Layax upgrade parts, usually from their Nineball Brand have been used to put this custom airsoft handgun together.

Installing The NEO R & Gas Route Seal Bucking Aero VFC Glock


Video from Laylax showing how to install the NEO R & Gas Route Seal Bucking Aero for the VFC/Umarex Glock Gas Blowbacks... " Utilizing the performance and design of our renown "High bullet valve" series of gas blowback valves, the next generation of LayLax valves are designed with green gas in mind. Optimized for green gas within the VFC gas system, you can expect increased velocity, higher stability, and more consistent shots.

Laylax MP7A1 High Grade Custom


Laylax shows the various components of their MP7A1 High Grade Custom and these are available at their store... "Introducing the custom of Tokyo Marui's electric compact machine gun MP7A1' that incorporates LayLax's custom parts in a PV style.

*00:50The MP7A1 custom parts that appear in are "under development".

Custom Parts For SIG Air MCX Virtus AEG At Laylax


A presentation by Laylax showing the custom parts and upgrades they have available for the SIG Air ProForce MCX Virtus AEG sich as inner barrel tracer unitt and folding rail stock... "SIG SAUER's electric gun "MCX VIRTUS" is equipped with many custom parts of Lyrax !! It is a compact and easy-to-manage 2022 version of MCX complete custom designed for operation in narrow and dark areas such as indoors and CQB fields."

Laylax PSS VSR-10 Underrail Magazine Catch


Check out this underrail magazine catch for the VSR-10 under the PSS brand of Laylax... "It is a custom part that integrates the underrail that enhances the expandability of the VSR-10 and the large magazine catch that can be operated intuitively. The rail body conforming to the Picatinny standard is made of lightweight and high-strength aluminum alloy. The mount is optimized by making it as low profile as possible!

Laylax PSS VSR-10 Bolt Handle NEO


A demonstration on how the PSS VSR-10 Bolt Handle NEO from Laylax is shown in the video. Versions for left and right handed versions are available... "Rin-chan, a staff member, introduces the Bolt Handle NEO that is compatible with the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 series that someone always has in the Sabage field !! The handle shape and knob design are Not only the appearance around the bolt, but also the practicality that enables the bolt operation with less movement.

Umarex/VFC Glock 19X "2 Way Fixed" Non-Recoiling Outer Barrel


Video from Laylax showing how to install the Nineball Umarex/VFC Glock 19X "2 Way Fixed" Non-Recoiling Outer Barrel... "Made for the UMAREX VFC Glock 19X gas blowback series. The combination of set grub screws and high strength aluminum alloy outer barrel make for a highly stable shooting platform. Choose between a non-threaded outer barrel cap for normal use, or a 14mm CCW threaded muzzle cap for infinite attachments.

Parts & Accessories For SIG Air AEGS Available At Laylax


For airsoft players looking into reconfiguring the SIG Air ProForce AEGs can check the various external parts and accessories available at Laylax. These range from flip-up sights, to vertical grips and up to M-Lok Handguards. Laylax Boss Koji talks about these in this video.

SIG Air ProForce MPX AEG Pre-Order At Laylax


Airsofters in Japan can pre-order the new SIG Air ProForce MPX AEG from Laylax and other authorised sellers. Laylax holds the distribution of products of SIG Air in Japan and No. 63 gives us a walkthrough of this new AEG... "SIG SAUER's MPX is now available as an electric gun! This time, 'No.63 (Mr. Nom)' will introduce a sample of MPX that arrived at LayLax."

Recommended Equipment For Survival Game By Laylax


Laylax got some equipment and gear available to players of Survival Games (Sabage) as airsoft gaming is called in Japan. Interested players outside of Japan can contact them to enquire which retailers in their area carry their products... "Introducing LayLax's slightly unusual Sabage equipment to all Saba gamers from beginners to veterans !! Please feel free to send us your opinions and requests for Sabage equipment in the comments of this video.

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