SIG Sauer ROMEO1 Reflex Sight Review


Mr. Moro take as a look at SIG Sauer ROMEO1 Reflex sight that Laylax carries as Laylax is an official seller of SIG Sauer weapons accessories in Japan... "ROMEO1 is a small reflex sight that can be attached to modern semi-automatic pistols, AR-15 rifles (MSRs), and shotguns. A molded aspherical lens with a high-performance coating has excellent light transmittance and the ability to achieve a distortion-free image.

Laylax Satellite Versatile Container Gun Case


We like what we see in this new product that is released under the Satellite brand of Laylax, the Satellite Container Gun Case is a versatile bag that allows you to reconfigure it, transforming the bag for whatever your activity you're going to, on or off the airsoft field. Ryan tells more about this... "Hello again airsoft nation, LayLax just released a new gun/gear case that will change how your travel with your gear to the field and beyond.

Laylax: Springer, GBB & Electric Pistols


Mr. Moro is back with another Laylax video and he talks about airsoft pistols with different power sources: Gas, Spring (air cocking), and Electric... "Air cocking gun, gas blowback gun, electric gun. Each has a different personality, with some good points and some weaknesses. Mr. Moro talks about each feature, 'I want you to hold this down!' Filming location: F2 Plant.

Nitro.vo Glaive KRISS Vector Handguards On Pre-Order


Change the length of your Krytac KRISS Vector AEG with these soon to be released Glaive M-Lok Handguards from Laylax's Nitro.vo brand, with options of going XL, S, and S (not L and M though). Ryan tells us more... "LayLax presents its renewed and designed handguard for the Krytac KRISS Vector! Customize your Vector for a variety of fields with our XS, S, and XL Glaive Handguards. Keep your Vector ultra-short and CQB ready with the XS MLOK Handguard, or go all out with the Carbine XL Glaive MLOK handguard to give your Vector the edge at longer ranges.

Laylax's DRESS Brand Collaboration With One Piece


Laylax got another brand called "DRESS" that carries outdoor fishing gear and clothing. DRESS collaborates in designing clothing with some popular Japanese anime and entertainment series. Their latest collaboration is with the widely known "One Piece" manga series. Learn more about this collaboration in the video below and you can check out the apparel and fishing gear that they have produced for this partnership.

Laylax Nitro.vo MP5 M-Lok Hanguard Pre-Order


You can bring your old school Tokyo Marui MP5 AEG to the 21st Century by fitting it with an M-Lok MP5 Handguard produced by Laylax under the Nitro.vo brand. This will be released by the end of October 2020... "A rail hand guard compatible with M-LOK designed exclusively for the Tokyo Marui standard electric gun MP5. It can be used not only without processing, but also by simply replacing it with a genuine hand guard.

M-LOK Handguards For Type 89, P90, MP5, KRISS Vector & Steyr AUG


You can upgrade these classic favourite airsoft guns from Krytac and Tokyo Marui with M-Lok Handguards under the Nitro.vo brand from Laylax. Ryan explains more... "The airsoft industry has very close ties to the real steel firearms industry as many firearms companies have created their own sub brands of airsoft guns that mirror their actual firearms. Kriss USA and Sig Sauer are some of the high profile names when it comes to this shift in the industry with their Krytac and SigAir brands respectively.

A Tour Of New Laylax HQ In Osaka


Mister Moro visits (he calls it "infiltrate" in keeping with the operational spirit) the new Laylax HQ in Osaka in this video. If you are looking for a fun airsoft company to work for, Laylax looks one of the candidates to be on top of your list. You must learn how to speak Japanese though if you want to be based in Osaka and if they have an opening.

Mister Moro also discovers a mysterious product inside.

Video is courtesy of our good friends from Hyperdouraku.

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