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First Factory P90 Armed Mag Clip

This is an example of a product that Laylax took up during their "Product Idea Grand Prix 2016", the P90 Mag Clip that they are producing under the First Factory brand. Just like the mag clamp for 5.56 magazines this allows an extra P90 AEG magazine ready for reload, making reload times faster. This uses reinforced glass fibre resin to reduce weight.

FF Type 89 Cherry Switch & KeyMod Rail

Laylax got available a First Factory Cherry Fire Selector Switch for the Marui JSDF Type 89 AEG. Why a Cherry Blossom flower? It is the symbol of Japan and part of their tradition is holding a Cherry Blossom festival. If you own a Type 89 AEG, then you can add this fire selector switch to really make it more Japanese.

Nineball Long Mag Catch For Marui MP7

The Nineball Long Mag Catch for the Marui MP7 is how at Laylax. Designed for the Tokyo Marui MP7 AEG, this allows for an easier and quicker magazine release and does not get in the way with the grip and trigger operation. This is made of ABS resin and comes with installation instructions.

Krytac M4 Aero Cylinder Head Set

Laylax shows you how to upgrade the Krytac M4 Gearbox with the Prometheus Aero Cylinder Head Set. Made from duralumin is strong, durable, and abrasive resistant. This is exclusive made for the Krytac M4 AEG Series so we are not sure if you can use this with other AEGs. Watch the video below how it is done.

PSS 6.03 Inner Barrel For Marui M40A5

Video from Laylax showing you how to install the PSS 6.03 Inner Barrel for the Tokyo Marui M40A5 Sniper Rifle. This is a 280mm stainless steel inner barrel with a 6.03 mm High accuracy ± 0.01 mm dimensional accuracy with the steel giving it the strength for a stable trajectory upon exiting the muzzle.

Custom Mag Catch For TM P90 AEG

Designed by Zoddy and manufactured by Laylax is the Custom P90 Magazine Catch. Designed for the Tokyo Marui P90 AEG, this allows you to change magazines smoothly whilst wearing a glove by increasing the size of the protuding parts on both sides. You can change magazines faster in a CQB game with the U-shaped bar on top of the main body and pulling the magazine catch. Video below shows how to install it on your P90.

Send A Product Idea To Laylax Win A Prize

Got an idea of a product that airsoft players can use but do not have the resources to turn into a reality? Here is your chance to pitch your idea to Laylax as they are having their Laylax Idea Grand Prix 2017 and there is a category for females. Read the rules, terms and conditions such as protecting your ideas. Who knows? If they pick your idea, you get to win a prize too!

Satellite Krytac KRISS Vector Gun Case

Laylax now got in stock a premium gun case for the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG undee the Satellite brand. Embroidered on the front is "KRISS VECTOR" and inside there are magazine pouches and utility pocket. This was specially designed for the unique shape and weight of the KRISS Vector AEG whilst at the same time gives a sophisticated luxury feel.

Laylax: Ghost Gear Tactical Tough Chair

You need a tactical chair for your airsoft weekenders to relax at the safe zone or camp site? Laylax got their Ghost Gear Tactical Tough Chair for you. This is a super lightweight, easy to assemble chair with a high-back type that can accommodate your back up to your head. It also includes a storage bag that can be used as a glove compartment at the bottom of the seat and can also cary smartphones and water bottles too.

Nitro.Vo KRISS Vector KeyMod Handguard

Take your pick, Small, Medium or Large, (or Short, Medium, Long), among these Nitro.Vo KeyMod Handguards for the Krytac KRISS Vector AEG. These have a standard Picatinnt rail and it is a lightweight and easy-grip design made of aluminium alloy. Each package contains 1 KeyMod Handguard, SUS Spacer x 4, and Hexagon socket Head Screw Cap x 4.