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Laylax Battle Style Gauntlet Arm Pad

Laylax has a new interesting product that fully maximises the use of your lower arm. The Battle Style Gauntlet is a MOLLE-Equipped Arm Pad that is comfortable to use and can also protect your lower arm. It is free size and can be adjusted using a dial lock. It is made of 600 denier nylon can be used for left and right arms.

TM Albert.W. Model 01P GBB Takedown

Another helpful video from Laylax for owners of the Tokyo Marui Albert.W.Model 01p Gas Blowback Pistol. This assembly video should give them instructions whilst doing maintenance or repairs... "Tokyo Marui Real Prop Series vol.16 Albert .W. Model 01P. Here is an example of assembling procedure from complete disassembly state. Since the internal structure is almost the same as M9A1, USM9, etc., you can see it as an example of assembling procedure of such a model.

Tokyo Marui Type 89 GBBR Takedown

This video from Laylax showing the disassembly procedure of the new Tokyo Marui Type 89 Gas Blowback Rifle should be helpful to owners of the GBB... "Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback 89 Equation 5.56 mm It is an introduction example of decomposition procedure of rifle <fixed headstock type> (nearly complete disassembly). The body here is using unused new ones after opening. The part name being disassembled is based on the parts list of the product. I intended to make it as difficult as possible to lose parts.

Nine Ball USP SAS 14MM CCW Attachment

The next Tokyo Marui GBB Pistol to get the Nineball SAS 14mm CCW Front Kit from Laylax is the USP... "It is an item for installing a silencer to USP. By fixing the silencer to the frame, it prevents malfunction of the slide which can occur when directly attached to the outer barrel, and realizes reliable operation.

Nine Ball M&P9 SAS 14MM CCW Attachment

Laylax show their Nine Ball M&P9 14mm CCW SAS Silencer Attachment that can be used with the Tokyo Marui M&P9 Gas Blowback Pistol... "It is a metal outer barrel that can be attached to the gas blow back gun M & P 9 series manufactured by Tokyo Marui. It is a Lightweight, high precision aluminum alloy is used for the material and finished to a real texture by alumite treatment.

Nitro.Vo Aegis Optics Shield Review

Optics Shields are rarely mentioned in reviews, but they do an important function, protect your optics. If you don't want a stray BB damage your expensive optics, replica or not, then get an optics shield from it. Airsoftology shows one from Laylax, the Nitro.Vo Aegis Optics Shield which Jonathan Higgs says is the coolest looking Optics Shield ever.

Laylax FF TM M4 GBB Ambi Bolt Catch

Make your Tokyo Marui M4 GBB Rifle have an ambidextrous bolt catch with the Laylax First Factory Ambi Bolt Catch... "It is a tactical item to make the bolt catch ambi & large. The lever is arranged along the lower frame so it does not interfere with the trigger operation and the lever jumps out from the lower frame greatly when the bolt catch is activated so that it is possible to realize a reliable and speedy bolt release with the trigger finger.

Laylax's Satellite Trunk Cargo Is Cool

The Upi Upi Team posted a podcast showing the Laylax Satellite Trunk Cargo. It is a hot seller and it's already out of stock at the Laylax store. It is a multipurpose carryall as you can dump your gear and clothing to bring to and from an airsoft field. It can also be used a cooler for your drinks.

Laylax Satellite Shooting Target Box

A very much portable Satellite Target Shooting Box is available at Laylax. We can't blame you if it reminds you of a pop-up hamper with a target inside it. It can be easily folded and deployed so you can just use it inside your room for some target shooting. And if you are done, just fold it away and it can fit into a drawer, dresser, or under your bed and not get in the way.

Laylax Satellite Trunk Cargo Model

This is a cool carry all bag from Satellite at Laylax. the Satellite Trunk Cargo. It is light enough and you can dump a lot of stuff that you need to bring to your next airsoft game. It has a lid that can be closed shut to prevent odour from used airsoft stuff contaminating your vehicle's interior. It can also be used a cooler so you can put ice, water and the drinks you want to bring for your camping and BBQ this summer.