Hyperdouraku: Tanaka Works S&W M68 CHP Cap Gun


Hyperdouraku: Tanaka Works Model Gun S&W M68 CHP Cap Gun

We get to watch a review by Hyperdouraku of the Tanaka Works Model Gun S&W M68 CHP Cap Gun, which can be good prop for movies and TV shows... "This time, let's review the firing model gun S&W M68 CHP, a collaboration model of Tanaka Works and Kyoei Trading.

The S&W M68 is a K-frame revolver that was adopted in the 1970s by members of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in the United States. The 4-inch barrel model is M67, and this 6-inch model is M68.

It uses .38spl bullets. It seems that there is a story that they did not want to use .357 Magnum bullets out of humanitarian considerations. It can be said that the M68 is a rare model, partly because it was manufactured in fewer numbers than the M67."

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