Keltec KSG VS. S&W M&P 12


An interesting episode of as they compare two real world bullpup shotguns, the Keltec KSG and S&W M&P 12... "It’s not every day you happen to have two 14+1 12-gauge bullpup shotguns just sharing space in the same gun safe. But, as luck would have it, I got to play host to both a Smith & Wesson M&P 12 and a KelTec KSG recently.

Tanaka Works S&W M10 M&P 4" Disassembly


Revolver John takes the S&W M10 M&P 4" revolver from Tanaka Works apart and puts it together again to show its various components in an attempt to fix it... "This Tanaka Smith & Wesson M10 was bought at KIC many years ago. I found the revolver wouldn't fire anymore at about three years ago, and I couldn't pump the gas into the gas cylinder, either. Lost of the gun diagram and lack of tools restrained me from any attempt to fix the problem myself. Until now...

Elite Force M&P9 C or M&P9 Performance Center?


Which one would you pick? RandomGuyKev asks his viewers as he goes over the Elite Force M&P9 C or M&P9 Performance Center gas blowback pistols. These are full licensed pistol by Smith & Wesson and there are other M&P9 Gas Blowback variants available from Elite Force in the U.S. or Umarex in other parts of the world.

BB2K Airsoft: Tanaka Cassiopeia S&W M500 Revolver


Bruce of BB2K Airsoft tells you why the sought after and rare Tanaka Cassiopeia S&W M500 Revolver was banned in this video review... "The Banned & Confiscated! Sounds like clickbait but that was the story of the TANAKA Cassiopeia series. The Colt SAA and the S&W M500 Airsoft revolver had to be taken off the market in Japan after just one year (2006/2007) because they were too realistic in the eyes of the legislators at the time.

Tanaka S&W M36 Version 2 Black 2" Revolver Review


Mach Sakai checks out the Tanaka S&W M36 ver2 Black 2inch available in Japan. This is based on the S&W M36 2inch Chief Special and it is an airsoft gas revolver equipped with the Pegasus system. He checks its gas consumption, external details, chrono for muzzle velocity, and a quick steel challenge.

Mach Sakai: MGC S&W M559 JUNIOR 10


Another blast from the past by Mach Sakai and a rare one too as he reviews the MGC S&WM559 JUNIOR 10 fixed slide gas powered airsoft gun. This was released in 1986 which MGC released as a cheaper version after the M459/659 models. It is a lower power version of the M559 with "Junior" engraved on the slide. It  hs blank pin was driven into the frame to make it difficult to disassemble.

Hyperdouraku: Tanaka Works S&W M68 CHP Cap Gun


We get to watch a review by Hyperdouraku of the Tanaka Works Model Gun S&W M68 CHP Cap Gun, which can be good prop for movies and TV shows... "This time, let's review the firing model gun S&W M68 CHP, a collaboration model of Tanaka Works and Kyoei Trading.

S&W Licensed M&P R8 From Elite Force Airsoft


The Elite Force S&W Licensed M&P R8 is a CO2 powered revolver using a 12gram CO2 cartridge and it is now available to order from their official website... "The Smith and Wesson Licensed M&P R8 is a CO2 powered revolver that offers big performance for a small price. Its unique design and features are unequalled in the world of revolvers in airsoft."

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