Arms Magazine: Tanaka S&W M28 “The Highway Patrolman” 4" HW


Not an airsoft gun, but a cap gun that shoots 7mm caps in the cartridges, the Tanaka S&W M28 “The Highway Patrolman” 4" HW gets featured by Arms Magazine... "Speaking of 'Hi-pato', many people may think of model guns that were previously released by MGC and Kokusai. Tanaka's newly released S&W M28 'The Highway Patrolman' 4-inch Heavy Weight Model Gun (hereinafter referred to as 'Hi-Pato') has an unprecedented high quality finish."

Tanaka Works S&W M10 M&P 4" Disassembly


Revolver John takes the S&W M10 M&P 4" revolver from Tanaka Works apart and puts it together again to show its various components in an attempt to fix it... "This Tanaka Smith & Wesson M10 was bought at KIC many years ago. I found the revolver wouldn't fire anymore at about three years ago, and I couldn't pump the gas into the gas cylinder, either. Lost of the gun diagram and lack of tools restrained me from any attempt to fix the problem myself. Until now...

Tanaka Colt SAA Pegasus 2 Revolver Review


Jaime Tripon put an English language review of the Tanaka Colt SAA Pegasus 2 airsoft revolver. This is said to be the most authentic and reliable airsoft revolver on the market. It features a completely redesigned cylinder and base pin, a redesigned hammer, upgraded internal parts, and a total of 25 BB rounds included.

Tanaka Springfield Armory M1911A1 GBB Pistol


Mach Sakai tries the Tanaka Springfield Armory M1911A1 Gas Blowback Pistol if it performs well at his range. He checks it for the external features, especially if operations and overall design faithfully replicates the real firearm. As always, he checks the performance of the pistol in a quick steel challenge.

Tanaka Works M40A1 Bolt Action Gas Rifle Cartridge Type Review


Mister Moro goes over the features of the Tanaka M40A1 Black (Cartridge Type) gas powered bolt action rifle in this Hyperdouraku review. The Tanaka M40A1 Gas Sniper Rifle, Cartridge Type Version 2, is a high-performance, gas-powered sniper rifle that is a 1/1 scale replica. It features a bolt action mechanism with a full metal bolt system. The body of the rifle is made of polymer and comes with a rubber stock pad for added comfort.

Hyperdouraku: Tanaka Works Colt Python Ryo Saeba Model Gas Revolver


This is a video review by Hyperoudraku of the Tanaka Works Gas Gun Colt Python Ryo Saeba Model with Mister Moro doing the review. The Python R-Model 4 Inch Revolver, a faithful reproduction of the firearm wielded by Ryo Saeba in City Hunter, offers a realistic shooting experience with its smooth trigger pull and cylinder cycling. Its gas valve is cleverly concealed in the cylinder, enhancing its authenticity.

Customised Tanaka M1897 Trench Gun


Alpha was not happy with the look of the Tanaka M1897 Trench Gun so made the adjustments to his taste. The shotgun, introduced in WWI as a trench weapon, terrorized the German army with its stopping power. Its flashy action and mechanical sound create an addiction. The firing model gun is completely reproduced in Ver.2, with improved operability, stable ignition power, and slam fire. The parallel double cap gunpowder specification gives a sense of exhilaration and reliability.

Tanaka Works Colt Government .380 MKIV Series 80 GBB


A look at the Tanaka Works Colt Government .380 MKIV Series 80 Gas Blowback Pistol as featured in this video by Pydracor's Forgotten Airsoft... "Today we are talking about a gas blowback pistol that is rarely seen in Europe: Tanaka's Colt Government .380 is essentially a 'Baby 1911' and was built in the early to mid 2000's. This pistol size is rarely seen in the airsoft world, it is comparable to a Walther PPK/s, for example.

BB2K Airsoft: Tanaka Works S&W Model 327 M&P R8


Looking at the Tanaka Works S&W Model 327 M&P R8 will make you want to own one and BB2K Airsoft is already ahead of you as he gets to review one from this collection... "Today I show a gem from my airsoft collection. The S&W Performance Center Model 327 M&P R8 revolver from the airsoft forge TANAKA WORKS comes in the noble Jupiter finish. This is a special surface coating that gives the plastic S&W M&P R8 revolver an authentic stainless steel look.

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