Tanaka Luger P08 4inch HW “1918 Erfurt” GBB


Mach Sakai takes a look at the Tanaka Luger P08 4inch HW “1918 Erfurt” GBB. According to Tanaka Works, the "Elfurt" engraved version will be on the Ruger P08, which has been a long-selling product since its release, reproducing its original toggle action with Magna blowback. Erfurt is a Prussian government-owned weapons factory that produced P08 from 1911 to the end of World War I, and the P08 produced is characterized by its coarse gray color.

Tanaka Colt S.A.A.45 US Calvary (2nd)


Another review by Gentaro Toi for Hyperdouraku, checking out the 7 1/2 inch Tanaka Colt SAA45 U.S. Cavalry (2nd) that comes with a steel finish... "About 20 years have passed since the first release of the Pegasus series, a caseless gas revolver developed by Tanaka. Colt SAA45 7-1/2inch Detachable Cylinder Steel Finish was released this spring.

Tanaka Works JGSDF 9mm Pistol


If you are putting a JGSDF loadout, you can now have a complete one with the gear that is available at Laylax and the Type 89 GBB or AEG from Tokyo Marui. Now you will need a sidearm and you can get the Tanaka Works 9mm JGSDF GBB Pistol. It is a the SIG P220 Pistol and called the SCK/Minebea 9mm Pistol that is manufactured under license by Minebea. Hyperdouraku takes a look at this pistol to see if Tanaka Works have been faithful to the real world pistol.

Tanaka Kar98k Review By Hyperdouraku


Tanaka Works released three models of the Kar98k rifle. The first one is the gas powered version, a non-firing model, and this version that is reviewed by Hyperdouraku, the Tanaka Kar98k AIR, which is an air-cocking model. This is made of wood and zinc allow and has hop-up adjustment lever at the bottom and of the rear sight.

Read the full review here and below is the video overview:

Tanaka M132 Perform. Center M&P R8


A revolver any serious airsoft pistol shooter should own gets seenn again. Hyperdouraku reviews the Tanaka M327 Performance Center M&P R8 Revolver. It has a flat rail and and under rail for mounting weapons accessories such as optics, laser or a weaponlight. Made of ABS but can be mistaken to have a real metal finish. It has an extended valve adaptor, BB loader, and complimentary pack of BBs.

New Product Releases At eHobby Asia


It's an all-airsoft gun releases at eHobby Asia for this product update. You can check the Umarex G28 GBB, EMG SAI GRY, Tanaka Works M40A1 and M870, AY 338 KeyMod Sniper Rifle, Golden Eagle Tactical AK AEG, and the CAA Airsoft Division Micro Roni Advance Kit. Click on the links below to learn more about these:

Umarex G28 GBB

eHobby Asia: Hot Products & Special Prices


New hot products have arrived at eHobby Asia. Check out the items they got such as those from Army Armament, Armorer Works, Tanaka Works, Kokusai, Klecker, Klovik, and Streamlight. Plus, they have an ongoing Spring Sale so get items at special prices. Click on the links below to learn more:

Mach Sakai: Tanaka SIG P220 JSDF GBB


One of the latest reviews by Mach Sakai is the Tanaka Works SIG P220 JSDF HW Gas Blowback Pistol. The Heavyweight slide and frame come with authentic markings and has functional decocking lever and double action trigger. The magazine has a capacity of 12 rounds of 6mm BBs and he finds it realy good to hold in the hands just like the real steel handgun.

Umarex UMP9 GBB & More At eHobby Asia


The week is young and eHobby Asia got some items for you think over before purchasing. They now have the Umarex H&K UMP9 Gas Blowback SMG OEM by VFC in stock. Other airsoft guns are arrivals from Tanaka Works, A&K, Cybergun and an M203 from S&T. Accessories and parts that arrived are from Aimpoint, Xcortech, UAC, and Army Force with links to their product pages provided.

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