Gunfire Does A Deep Review Of An E&L GBB Prototype


Gunfire Does A Deep Review Of An E&L GBB Prototype

The T191 GBB Rifle from E&L Airsoft, based on the QBZ-191, gets a close scrutiny by Gunfire... "Get ready for the extraordinary premiere of the film in which Leszek will take us on a fascinating journey with a prototype T191 replica from the renowned manufacturer E&L. This is a real revolution in the world of airsoft! The replica is powered by both CO2 and HPA, and its heart is an unprecedented pneumatic system. We are witnessing the debut of GBB from E&L, which is already impressive in itself.

The workmanship of this replica is extremely impressive - full of steel elements, which translates into exceptional durability and realistic shooting experience. In our video on the Gunfire channel, we discuss in detail how this interesting replica works and show it up close so that you can see the above-average build quality. Leszek, our experienced expert, will tell you about his impressions and experiences from the tests."

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