How Long Will Primal Gear Last?


Leszek tests Primal Gear, the tactical gear line that Gunfire carries, in this video... "Leszek decided to use the beautiful weather to test products from the latest line of tactical equipment from Primal Gear. The producer promises that they are even more durable and functional, but is it true? Fortunately, you don't have to find out for yourself. Just watch our latest video!

Also check out other tactical gear from Primal Gear:

Top 5 Most Uncomfortable Airsoft Replicas


If looking badass is more important than ergonomics for you, then here are some uncomfortable airsoft guns as listed by Gunfire in this video... "Ergonomics? We don't know what it is. Just like the replica designers from the movie. Big, heavy, uncomfortable and with poor weight distribution. But what atmosphere! In this film, Blacha will present replicas, which are a strange creation for people who do not necessarily respect their spines.

All The New Items From G&G At Gunfire


Leszek got some new stuff from G&G Armament to share to you in this Gunfire video... "We got some news from G&G recently, so we wanted to show you new replicas from this manufacturer. G&G Armament has accustomed us to high quality, so these are interesting proposals for everyone. The most anticipated novelty is the ARP 2.0 series, which is an improved model of the well-known ARP 9 and ARP 556.

Gunfire: You Don't Know APS Airsoft?


Perhaps you do and you tend to think about APS with the CAM870 realistic operating airsoft shotgun series. But the company does more and here is Leszek of Gunfire to tell you the other stuff it produces... "The manufacturer's range is wide, so here's a quick overview!

Basics In Choosing The Best Sight For Airsoft


Leszek of Gunfire talks about the fundamentals in choosing the best sight for airsoft... "Ahead of you is the latest episode of Gunfire TV, in which we will deal with a very important topic - sights. Leszek will introduce you to their types, discuss how they work, and, most importantly, give you tips how to choose the right model. This is a great guide for beginner players, and if you are one, you must see our latest video. You are welcome!

An Overview Of The ICS Airsoft Brand


Is there something interesting from ICS Airsoft. Find out when Leszek talks about the brand and what it offers in this episode of Gunfire International... "We have prepared a new episode of Gunfire TV for you, which all fans of the manufacturer ICS Airsoft will surely enjoy. It is to this brand that we have dedicated an entire video today, in which we discuss its latest ASG replicas. If you want to find out what the company has prepared for you this time, you should definitely watch it!

The Best AR Replica Up To PLN 1500


Gunfire got this guide for Polish players looking for airsoft guns up to 1,500 Polish Zloty... "Which replica to choose? This difficult question has finally found an answer. As usual, we have chosen products from our offer within a specific budget. This time we choose an airsoft replica up to PLN 1,500. We tried to offer replicas in different styles. That is why you will find here licensed replicas, those with PDW and fixed stocks, as well as those with advanced electronics and the simpler ones.

5 Non-Airsoft Things Airsofters Need


Leszek of Gunfire lists some things that are not airsoft related but airsofters will need in this video... "How many times have you missed something that is not "tactical", "military" or "airsoft" in the name at all? us often. That's why we have another episode of Gunfire TV for you, in which Leszek tells you what to take in your backpack. Check out the EDC shooter lineup and don't worry about unpredictable situations.

What Does What Does KJW Offer?


Leszek talks about the line of airsoft guns from KJ Works available at Gunfire... "What are the characteristics of cheap and expensive replicas? You will find out everything in this material. Another compilation of replicas, this time from the KJW brand. They are known for their good value for money, but which replica is best to choose? Is it worth paying extra for the most expensive models? Everything is described in the material that Leszek has prepared for you! We know how you like his rankings."

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