Gunfire Black Friday Sale 2021 Update


Gunfire's Black Madness Sale also got its Black Friday Sale so better grab the deals available for you. The news was sent to us after our cut-off yesterday so we're posting it today... "We turn up the promotion to the max! For Black Friday we add over 700 new products from ASG, Cytac, GATE, CYMA, Mechanix Wear, LCT, WE, and other brands. Additional discounts on over 4800 products from the promotion and maximum discounts up to -85! Be the first and get the best deals! Black Friday won't wait!"

Gunfire's Black Madness Sale 2021 Has Begun


Gunfire's massive sale event of the year, the Black Madness Sale, is even bigger this year as they celebrate 15 years in the airsoft business... "Black Madness Sale has begun! The most anticipated promotion of the year is on! Over 4300 products up to -85% on Black Madness at Gunfire! G&G, Specna Arms and Silverback replicas, 5KU, Armored Claw and Primal Gear equipment, Night Evolution and Aim-O accessories, and dozens of other brands on sale!"

Specna Arms MTU Airsoft Tracer Unit


Gunfire also got product video presentations done in the Spanish language and in this video it's about the Specna Arms MTU Tracer Unit... "A silencer filled with electronics from a well-known manufacturer of airsoft replicas enters the market. Efficient plotter, which, thanks to the additional LEDs, will take your ASG game to a new level.

Tactical Leszek: BB Thrower - Flamethrower Replica


Tactical Leszek does a quick overview of a flame thrower that actually spews out BBs rather than flames in this Gunfire video... "After a short break, Tactical Leszek returns with something really big and flaming hot! Here's an Airsoft Flamethrower! Please, calm down, it spits BBs, not fire, and they probably won't let Leszek bring it to any airsoft gameplay. However, it was worth building. Can your airsoft replica deliver a series of 1200 BBs?

Gunfire Instant Airsoft: Arrow Arms APC9-K Folding Stock AEG


A quick look at the the Arrow Arms APC9-K Folding Stock AEG that Gunfire got in stock at their store... "Arrow Arms knows what airsofters like the most. Introducing the APC9-K Folding Stock to the market perfectly fulfilled our needs. A small, neat SMG, made of metal and polymer, is a real monster in tight corridors. In places exposed to damage, the manufacturer used metal, and where it was possible to cut weight, he used a polymer.

Double Pleasure? Classic Army DT-4 Double Barrel AEG


The only double barrel AR AEG in the market, the Classic Army DT-4 AEG is available at Gunfire and Leszek got things to say about this AEG if it is Double Pleasure or Double Trouble... "When one barrel in an airsoft replica is not enough, the Classic Army brand and their latest creation - the DT-4 Double Barrel AR carbine - come in handy.



Leszek talks about the ICS CXP-MARS PDW9 S3 AEG, which is available at Gunfire, doing a quick presentation in 69 seconds... "The receiver of the replica and the front with the Keymod system are made of metal in CNC technology. To reduce the weight of the replica, the adjustable stock, ergonomic pistol grip, or the 300-round hi-cap magazine are made of durable plastic.

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