Gunfire Instant Airsoft: ELAK12 by E&L Airsoft


The E&L Airsoft AK-12 AEG is seen to give a very stiff competition to the AK-12 offerings from other airsoft manufacturers. Gunfire is carrying E&L Airsoft at their online store and in this Instant Airsoft video, show the highlights of this AEG... "The E&L brand is known for using high-quality materials in its products and incredible attention to detail. The new replica of the ELAK12 assault rifle is no exception from that rule.

E&L Airsoft ELAK12 AEG At Gunfire


Leszek does the honour of going over the E&L Airsoft ELAK12 AEG, or E&L's airsoft version of the AK-12, in this Gunfire video... "The E&L brand has accustomed us to high-quality products made of durable materials and an extraordinary sense of realism. Is it the same with the new ELAK12 assault rifle replica? Watch Leszek's latest presentation and see for yourself!"

GF Custom Division: Bling Bling 69 (E&L ELS-74UN)


In this Airsoft 69 Seconds by Gunfire, see all these custom work done on the E&L Airsoft ELS-74UN AEGs by the GF Custom Division... "New, shining replicas from GF Custom Division have just arrived at Gunfire. This time using ELS-74UN E&L replicas, they deliver three airsoft Brothers: Gold, Silver, and Copper! You have to see these metallic masterpieces."

Gunfire Instant Airsoft: E&L EL104 PMC-F


A quick look at the E&L104 PMC-F AEG that is available at Gunfire... "EL104 PMC-F is one of the newest E&L steel made replicas, equipped with tactical features like M-LOK handguard, adjustable stock and set of RIS/Picatinny rails. The replica is powered by E&L Gen.2 Gearbox with quick spring change system and High Torque motor."

E&L T EL103K-S Paratrooper & More Arrivals At Gunfire


Get those fingers busy clicking for the new arrivals at the Gunfire online store. They've got the E&L Airsoft EL103K-S Paratrooper in stock. If you want more airsoft guns, they got new deliveries from CYMA and Krytac plus more parts and accessories to meet your needs... "Don't miss new deliveries from CYMA, GATE, Titan, Krytac and more.


Highlander: E&L M4 MUR "Diamond Series"


E&L Airsoft, whilst famous for the AK AEG series, also have an M4 series. Highlander Airsoft checks out the E&L M4 "Diamond Series" Custom Carbine AEG in this video. Review is done in German... "Hey guys here you can see the review of the new E&L M4 MUR Custom Carbine 'Diamond Series'. I hope you like the video and if you have any questions in the comments. Thanks again to Begadi, who made this airsoft available to me."

E&L AK-102: More Bang For Your Buck?


Simisdim reviews the E&L Airsoft AK-102 AEG if it is worth the money you are paying for... "Welcome back! Finally to another airsoft RIF review! This time my sponsor Maddog Airsoft kindly provided the E&L AK 102 in this video for me to review, In the video I give you my honest impression and run it through a series of tests for you.

Would you buy this or do you already own this RIF?"

Infamous Airsoft: E&L AKMSU Review


Infamous Airsoft takes a look at one well-built AK AEG, the E&L Airsoft AKMSU AEG... "A special Electric Assault Rifle for lovers of the AK platform, the model that gave rise to this channel and certainly one of my favorites. E&L is characterized by producing special electric AK models for the practice of airsoft, these are characterized by their great realism and components of real weapons... "In this video, I will be reviewing a model that emerged during the war in Afghanistan and is characterized by its unique appearance." E&L Airsoft MOA 2019


Another video from featuring the upcoming products fromm E&L Airsoft that were on display at the MOA Exhibition 2019... "The airsoft manufacturer E&L Airsoft from China had a booth at the airsoft exhibition MOA 2019 in Taiwan and showed some of their upcoming products. Highlights in their booth was their upcoming SVD (AEG) and Type 95/QBZ-95 (AEG).

They are planning to release 1 batch of the sniper rifle SVD (AEG) as a limited edition and only produce approximately 500-800 pcs. The release will hopefully be in 2020.

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