Pewpew Paladin: The E&L AKMS AEG


Pewpew Paladin talks about the E&L AKMS AEG, the "girl all the bad guys want"... "The E&L AKMS is that one girl you knew growing up that pretty much every guy wanted... You didn't care if she had substance or an IQ higher than a poodle. You didn't mind if she'd never heard of Star Trek or had never played a single game of Mario Kart. You just knew you had an insatiable yearning to be around her.

The E&L Essential AK Series At Airsoft GI


Airsoft GI talks about the E&L Essential AK Series that is available at their online store. What makes this series different from the previous AK AEGs they released before? Watch the video... "E&L has made a return and has changed the game forever! If you don't know E&L manufactures some of the best AK AEGs on the market. With their new Essential Line, you are still getting their amazing build at a fraction of the cost!

Salty Old Gamer: E&L AKMS Airsoft AEG


The Salty Old Gamer checks out the E&L AKMS Airsoft AEG for a video review... "Talk about timely and relevant. You're probably seeing these all over the news right now. The one, the only, the ancient but still going AKMS. Today we're taking a look at this middle-to-upper tier Airsoft AEG, the E&L AK-47 AKSM Airsoft AEG. This was an interesting one. Check it out and decide for yourself."

The Shooting Pyro's E&L AKM Gen 2 AEG


The Shooting Pyro talks about his E&L AKM Gen 2 AEG being the most realistic AK AEG... "A brand new video of my E&L AKM! I allready have a dutch review about it but ofcourse there needs to be a English review! This akm is made by E&L and is verry populair because this airsoft ak contains real firearm parts! Next to that its also verry accurate an easy to use!"

Is E&L Going In The Right Direction?


Leszek & Blacha talk about the direction of E&L Airsoft in this Gunfire video... "In the latest movie, we present you E&L ASG replicas. This is a new series of Essential rifles that has brought some confusion to the already exciting replica market. They are still characterized by quite good quality and functionality, but their prices are now more affordable.

Gunfire E&L Essential Series Promo


Gunfire carries the E&L Airsoft AEGs, which are usually sought after for the build quality of their AK AEGs, and here is a video promoting the E&L Essential series that is more affordable... "A manufacturer that needs no introduction has recently graced us with a new series of ASG replicas. E&L Essential are superb replicas of eastern weapon constructions.

TNT-Germany On The E&L AK104/105 AEG


TNT-Germany takes a look at the E&L AK104/105 AEG that is part of the Diamond Plus Series... "Hey folks! Today no AR15 for you but an E&L AK104. The AK105 was unfortunately not available. So we had to switch to 104. But the cool thing about these AK's is that you can easily convert them into a 104 or 105.

E&L AKM Essential AEG Presentation


Gorky Team Bratva got the E&L AKM Essential AEG from Entrepot and they go over the the finer features of this AEG. This is a solid full metal AEG with a wooden stock and handguard. It has a reinforced V3 gearbox with a 450mm barel and the internal barrel is 6.03mm.

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