E&L AK74MN Gen 4 w/ Variohead, Pro Hop-Up & Begadi CORE EFCS


Golgy A Sunday Gamer goes over an E&L AK74MN Gen 4 AEG (S-AEG in Germany) that is equipped with a Variohead, Pro Hop-Up and the Begadi CORE EFCS/MOSFET. The Version 3 gearbox has 9mm bearings and has solid 18:1 steel gears with gear clip, and high torque motor with neodymium magnets. Its power can be adjusted quickly without needing a spring change.

Muddy Reviews On The E&L Airsoft AK Midcap Magazine


Muddy Reviews checks out a Midcap AEG Magazine from E&L Airsoft and its compatibility with other AK AEGs... "Hey everybody welcome back to another Muddy Review, In this review, we are checking out the E&L Airsoft AK74 Bakelite Mid-Cap magazines for Airsoft AK series AEGs.

ASTKilo23: E&L AK12 Essential Series AEG


The E&L AK Essential Series AEG has been getting good reviews on YouTube. Will ASTKilo23 find something that may not be good with the AK12 version? Watch the video review... "E&L's Essential Series AK12 offers excellent externals and internals with a number of upgrades and solid features for a reasonable price. I tested this AEG out at Nitehawk Airsoft in WA and found it to be a high quality rifle, capable of impressive range and groupings with reasonably heavy ammo.

USAirsoft With The E&L Essential Line


According to USAirsoft, the E&L Essential Line is the most realistic AK airsoft line he has ever reviewed. He explains it in the video... "When it comes to the idea of a perfect air soft replica, the waters get real muddy real fast. Do you want a gas blowback or an AEG? Are you looking for something basic or unique?

Luckily for the crowds of AK lovers, E&L has great options for you even if you're on a budget.

Softair Zone On The E&L AK74MN Essential Series AEG


Softair Zone go over the E&L AK74MN Essential AEG to give their verdict if it is highly recommended to their customers... "In our series of new E&L models, we would like to introduce you to the 0.5 version of the AK74MN Essential. As with the other models, the AK74MN is also of very high quality and has a precise fit.

Pewpew Paladin: The E&L AKMS AEG


Pewpew Paladin talks about the E&L AKMS AEG, the "girl all the bad guys want"... "The E&L AKMS is that one girl you knew growing up that pretty much every guy wanted... You didn't care if she had substance or an IQ higher than a poodle. You didn't mind if she'd never heard of Star Trek or had never played a single game of Mario Kart. You just knew you had an insatiable yearning to be around her.

The E&L Essential AK Series At Airsoft GI


Airsoft GI talks about the E&L Essential AK Series that is available at their online store. What makes this series different from the previous AK AEGs they released before? Watch the video... "E&L has made a return and has changed the game forever! If you don't know E&L manufactures some of the best AK AEGs on the market. With their new Essential Line, you are still getting their amazing build at a fraction of the cost!

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