Is The G&G ESG-10 Shotgun Overpowered?


USAirsoft Is The G&G ESG-10 Shotgun Overpowered?

USAirsoft checks out a prototype of the G&G ESG-10 Shotgun to give his first impressions... "The prototype G&G Armament showed me of their new ESG-10 may look ugly to some people especially in its bullpup form but a gas powered semi auto airsoft shotgun with a selector that lets you pick from either 5 shots or 10 shots per trigger pull is amazing, to say the least.

Imagine what we could implement that kind of action into. I have high hopes for this piece but I don't see it releasing with a low price tag.

Definitely keep an eye out for more news and for new videos about the G&G ESG-10 as I'm sure more content creators in the airsoft community will want to check it out."

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