G&G MP5 AEGs With Metal Receivers


G&G Armament has a range of MP5-style AEGs that has been available for years now. In this video, Red Army Airsoft shows the various variants the Taiwan-based airsoft company has produced and available at most reputable airsoft retailers... "Overview of the G&G MP5 Airsoft AEG range: TGM A3 PDW [ETU], TGM A3 [ETU], TGM A2 [ETU], and TGM A3 RTS [ETU]."

Timerzanov Airsoft: G&G CM16 SRXL Red Edition AEG


Timerzanov Airsoft got the red edition of the G&G Armament CM16 SRXL Edition to check out in this review... "Hello everyone! Today I offer you a long replica from G&G Armament, it is the CM16 SRXL, an M4 type replica with a Keymod CNC aluminum handguard, a programmable ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) for burst of 3 and excellent build quality from G&G.

G&G Armament: Stand With Ukraine


G&G Armament are releasing the G&G GPM9 UA Gas Blowback Pistol in solidarity with Ukraine as well as BBs to go with it... "Show your support for Ukraine with our new GPM9 UA (Ukraine Edition) GBB Pistol. The GPM9 UA is coated with the same blue and yellow colors that make up the Ukraine flag. A laser engraved 'Stand with Ukraine 24.02.2022' is etched on the outer barrel.

Delta Says On The G&G GTP9 GBB Pistol


Turkish airsoft reviewer, Delta Says, gets to share what he thinks about the GTP9 Gas Blowback Pistol from G&G Armament... "Hello everyone, today I am here with you with the GTP9 Airsoft pistol review of the G&G brand. The toy features and quality that wink over high-end toys are available. Enjoy watching."

G&G MXC-9 PCC Enhanced Version At Airsoft GI


Is this the little beast that you would bring to the game field? Cisco goes over the G&G MXC-9 PCC that is available at Airsoft GI... "G&G has dropped another PCC, but how does it compare with all the others in their line up? The MXC-9 is the newest addition to the G&G arsenal of AEGs! Purpose made for CQB with a lot of bite! Cisco dives in deeper and finds out how much thought G&G put into this little beast!"

G&G CM16 SRS AEG Shooting Test


CS Airsoft continues with his review of the G&G CM16 SRS AEG which he put some upgrades in, checking out how it shoots in this video... "In this shooting test I show you the performance of my G&G CM16 SRS after a few small internal upgrades."

G&G CM16 SRS AEG Backup Rifle Set-Up


CS Airsoft walks us through his setup of the G&G CM16 SRS AEG as a backup... "In today's video I show you my favorite Backup Airsoft gun. I've been using the G&G CM16 SRS for years. Initially on the primary gun and now only as a backup gun. Nevertheless, it is part of every airsoft game day. In this video I go into detail about all internal and external upgrades of my Combat Machine."

Is The G&G MXC-9 The New CQB King?


RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) takes a look at the G&G MXC-9 AEG if it is the new go to airsoft gun for CQB games... "Pistols and SMGs have always been the staple for CQB games, but with more and more companies making pistol-caliber carbines, will the new MXC-9 from G&G take the throne and become the new king of CQB airsoft gun?"

CS Airsoft: G&G CM16 SRS/SRL/SRXL AEG Review


CS Airsoft picks up an AEG to review and it's the G&G CM16 SRS/SRL/SRXL AEG... "Finally there is the review of the G&G CM16 SRS/SRL/SRXL. In my opinion, this Airsoft gun is not only the best choice for beginners. Even advanced airsoft players will get their money's worth."

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