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G&G 2,300rd Drum Mag At Airsoft Atlanta

The new 2,300-round Drum Magazine from G&G Armament is in stock right now at Airsoft Atlanta... "G&G M4 - 2300 Round AEG Hicap DRUM Magazine (Manual wind G-08-171). This is the largest drum magazine you can get for the M4 AEG. Fits in all M4 and M16 AEGs made by nearly all companies. Screw midcaps - get this beastmode mag and dominate the entire battlefield with a smug face.

Airtech ARP9 Battery Extension Unit

Find out more about the ARP9 Battery Extension Unit made by Airtech Studios in this episode of the Gun Gamers Speedsim series... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Amy go over their brief thoughts on the Battery Extension Unit for the ARP series from Airtech Studios."

Airsoftology: The Best Airsoft Gloves?

Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology has a pair of gloves from G&G to find out if it is the best gloves in airsoft. Yep, it is the G&G gloves made by Mechanix Wear, which already has made a name for itself in both the military, tactical, and airsoft communities for having some of the best of gloves to protect our hands with.

"Not Another G&G ARP 9 Review"

Still had not enough of reviews on the G&G Armament ARP9 AEG? Here's Rad Plastic with his take on this AR-style PDW AEG that uses a 9mm-style magazine... "Have you seen too many videos trying to convince you to buy an ARP 9? Too bad, here's another one. Thank you to G&G for letting me check this out, Steven at Evike for help with the hop up, and Airtech studios for letting me check out the BEU which you can find on, or by visiting Airtech Studios."

G&G GC16 Warthog 9" AEG Review

Raven Airsoft of Italy reviews the 9-inch version of the G&G GC16 Warthog AEG. Coming from the Combat Machine family, this has an allow receiver, stock tybe, handguard and barrel. This has its MOSFET unit and uses the KeyMor rail system. It als has a different muzzle brake compared to the more compact 7-inch version.

The G&G L85 AFV ETU Now At WGC Shop

The compact G&G L85 AFV AEG now comes with the ETU and WGC Shop announce that they can be ordered from their online store. This comes with a replica SUSAT to make it look more legit... "We just have L85 AFV ETU in stock, G&G's latest ETU gearbox installed! Replica SUSAT included!

Airsoft GI: G&G G2 AEG Series Overview

Charlie of G&G Armament drops by the Airsoft GI studios to talk about the new G&G Armament G2 Series. The series have quick spring change system; power cut off when a G2 magazine emptied and will not shoot if there is no magazine inserted. Other features are pre-installed G2 MOSFET and ETU with the ETU unit size reduced to 50%. It has the G2 gearbox which is a redesigned Version 2 gearbox for better performance.

New G&G 2,300-Rd M4/M16 Drum Magazine

G&G Armament got a new drum magazine for M4/M16 AEG owners. The magazine has a capacity of 2,300 rounds and comes in three version from manual to auto winding... "Introducing our newest magazines for the M4 platform. The 2300 round drum magazines come in two style configuration. G-08-170 comes with a strong winding motor powered by 7.4v 800mAh battery for seamless gameplay. An on/off switch located on the rear of the drum magazine makes it easy to operate.

ASGI: G&G MBR 308 Mag Compatibility

The G&G TR16 MBR 308 is in stock at Airsoft GI and it has various features that would make it a good deal to have such as sound amplifier muzzle, G2 MOSFET, ergonomic crane stock, quick spring change system and more. Since it comes with a large 308-style magazine, what other magazines in the airsoft market can be used with it? Airsoft GI TV Uncut tries to find in this video.

G&G TR16 MBR 308 At Zero One

The new G&G TR16 MBR 308 with the G2 ETU is in stock at Zero One Airsoft, they got for an in-depth look at this AEG... "G&Gs new ETU includes technology that will automatically stop the gun from operating if it detects the battery voltage is too low. Once you disconnect the battery it will likely still operate in guns without this technology, as those products will allow the battery to drain completely flat.