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Airsoftology: G&G GPM92 GBB Pistol

Airsoftology asks if the G&G GMP92 Gas Blowback Pistol is ushering in a new era for gas blowback pistols? The first question will always be, "does it introduce something revolutionary?" or to put it mildly, a leap in innovation for airsoft gas blowback pistols? Find out in the video below:

G&G Show Yourself 2017 Announcement

It's time to dust off your cameras, in whatever form it is and call your teammates. The G&G Show Yourself Photo Contest 2017 is about to start and make sure you get the best shot to win the top prize... "Every year we pride ourselves in giving back to our loyal customers and the airsoft community. This year marks our 9th year hosting the Show Yourself contest. Participants have the opportunity to submit their photos for the chance to win G&G products and $1,000 USD! Better hurry, the deadline is September 12, 2017! Good luck!

Airsoftology: G&G Gloves By Mechanix Wear

The G&G Armament Mechanix Gloves are already available at airsoft retailers, giving airsoft players the gloves that was made with them in mind. Announced last March 2017, it is the first tie-up by G&G with a well known brand in the U.S. trusted by handymen to soldiers. Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs does a quick review.

USAirsoft: G&G GPM92 GBB Pistol Review

One of the new releases from G&G Armament this year is a gas blowback, called the G&G GPM92 GBB Pistol. Most would probably know that this is based in the Beretta M92 pistol which has G&G markings rather than the Beretta's. USAirsoft gets to review a pre sample of this GBB pistol in this video.

Mach Sakai: G&G ARP9 PDW Review

The G&G Armament ARP9 PDW AEG is now in Japan and Mach Sakai reviews it for accuracy in a 10-40 metre shoot test. He also checks it out for its specifications and external appearance. The G&G ARP9 PDW, which uses a 9mm-style magazine, is recommended for use in CQB games.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: G&G GPM92 GBB

Already available at some airsoft retailers, reviews the G&G Armament GPM92 Gas Blowback Pistol in this episode of "The Gun Corner". This is of course based on the M92 pistol and comes in a stylish pistol case that has the G&G logo on it. Since this does not have the Beretta license to use the trademarks, it instead has the G&G on it. will have this in stock soon.

Airsoft Megastore: Best Airsoft CQB Beast

Airsoft Megastore are impressed with the G&G ARP9 PDW AEG, calling it as the "Best Airsoft CQB Beast" in this video... "Angel is taking a look at the new G&G Armament CM16 ARP9 here on AMSTV. We where very impressed with this CQB beast from G&G. The slick pdw style stock and 5inch M-LOK rail system are perfect for close quarter combat situations. It also sports a 300RD high magazine, with G&G to release 60RD mid cap and a 1700 ROUND drum mag.


The G&G Armament ARP9 AEG is being given thumbs up by many reviewers? Will RedWolf Airsoft TV give theirs? Here is Marck West on the mission to find out... "M4s in a 9mm format are either a hit or a miss in the gun world as the 9mm style magazines would require you to purchase alternate magazines. However, there is a twist towards the end.

House Gamers: G&G CQB World Cup Final

Here is the recording that was livestreamed by House Gamers of the G&G CQB World Cup 2017 Finals that took place during the TWAAA International Camo Festival 2017 for those who have been looking for one. For this year, Team Chile won the the event with Teams Taiwan/ROC and Hong Kong in the runners-up places.

WGC Shop: G&G ARP-9 & Mags Restock

WGC Shop announce that they've got in stock the G&G Armamnet ARP-9 PDW AEG and they also got the 60-round and 300-round magazines for it too. If you are also look for optics for it, they got some recommendations... "This is the best AEG for your girl friend and wife! It's super light weight, ETU, MOSFET and reasonably priced, which is the most important!