USAirsoft: 7 Pointless Airsoft Guns


This should be interesting a line-up of pointless airsoft guns as presented by USAirsoft... "As long as you enjoy something then it's never pointless buuuuuut if we were really pessimistic, what could we consider pointless in airsoft?

With all the playstyles and all the replicas at our despoil, what could you consider to be a pointless or useless airsoft replica? That's what we look at in this Top 7."

USAirsoft's ICS Galil Airsoft Gameplay


We get to see the ICS Galil AEG in action again in this gameplay video by USAirsoft. The Galil series have been released over a decade ago and hopefully it has been updated for this decade... "I love the Galil, that's not a secret. I've loved it for years so you can bet that I loved using it in Call of Duty over the years but what happens if you bring one of your in-game classes to an airsoft game?

USAirsoft's Take On The G&G MXC-9 AEG


The G&G MXC-9 is a recently released PCC-style AEG that is compact enough for use in CQB games and can be a good primary for outdoor games. USAirsoft got one to see if it's something for him to recommend to players... "I expected some good stuff from this new G&G model but I wasn't expecting the performance it would dish out!

The MXC-9 may be a smaller PCC45 but the range is still there along with some interesting traits... you'll see what I mean.

USAirsoft's 1 vs 1 With COD Modern Warfare's Ghost


All set to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare again? But first watch this 1 versus 1 airoft game play by USAirsoft with Ghost, the games' third most popular character after Captain Price and Soap... "With the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 trailer dropping just days ago, I just had to finish this Airsoft 1v1 as fast as possible!

Think of this as leaked Modern Warfare 2 gameplay haha

Legendary Airsoft Field Burns Again


USAirsoft talks about another fire incident at George Air Force Base where the Lion Claws XXI event took place... "This retired Airforce base never gets a break. What should have been done to prevent the fire that broke out after the recent Operation Lion Claws event and how can any further fire damage be prevented? Is anyone in particular to blame? That's what I'm asking you guys!

USAirsoft With The E&L Essential Line


According to USAirsoft, the E&L Essential Line is the most realistic AK airsoft line he has ever reviewed. He explains it in the video... "When it comes to the idea of a perfect air soft replica, the waters get real muddy real fast. Do you want a gas blowback or an AEG? Are you looking for something basic or unique?

Luckily for the crowds of AK lovers, E&L has great options for you even if you're on a budget.

USAirsoft's 7 More Types Of Airsofters That He Loves


USAirsoft got some love for these types of airsofters. Watch the video if you belong to one of these... "What type of Airsoft player are you? I love just about everything this hobby has to offer and you guys really enjoyed my video over 7 Types of Airsofters I Love so I was happy to make another part to that video!

USAirsoft: RWA Agency Arms EXA Unboxing


USAirsoft is the latest airsoft influencer to give his take on the RWA Agency Arms EXA GBB Pistol... "Glocks in Airsoft have been popular since the first day one came to market.
With VFC releasing their own officially licensed model with Umarex, builders have been pushing the platform even harder. That's where RWA and Agency Arms comes into play with the EXA.

Unpopular Airsoft Opinions Episode 4


In episode 4 of Airsoft Opinions of USAirsoft, he talk about unpopular opinions that can lead to legal threats... "These are some of the most brutal opinions about airsoft that were submitted across all the USAirsoft social medias, from Instagram to Facebook. We have people talking about how gas blowbacks are worse than G&G Combat Machines to someone who would take you to court if you posted a cheater video about his field.

USAirsoft's Positive Opinions About Airsoft Episode 3


It would be nice to hear positive stuff about airsoft so watch episode 3 of USAirsoft's Positive Opinions About Airsoft to hear more... "It's time for some more positivity in our game! There are a lot of great opinions that can help us look inward on our game so we can improve it so let's hear these people out.

We are accountable for our own actions."

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