"7 Types of Airsofters I Love"


USAirsoft got some love for these types of airsofters. Are you in one of these types? Find out in the video... "We need these kinds of players in our game just like we need many more. In my opinion, these are the very best types of airsofters I love having at any field. They help the beginners, they help the veterans, and they always help keep our game wholesome and on track in a positive way.

USAirsoft: Do Cheater Videos Ruin Airsoft?


USAirsoft also gives his say in this airsoft cheater video debate... "It's undeniably that some videos do a lot better than others but why do cheater/negative videos become so popular in air soft and are they actually more damaging to the game as a whole?

Do they only benefit the content creator and are they faked for fame? Well it seems that more and more fields think so which means bans are coming."

G&G GPM1911 CP Prototype Review


G&G also got its Hi-Capa offering with this upcoming GPM1911 CP GBB Pistol. USAirsoft got a prototype to review to find out if it is serious contender for the Hi-Capa crown as this airsoft segment gets crowded... "We don't see this kind of thing happen too often. For a company to go so against the grain knowing exactly how the community would react.

USAirsoft: Umbrella Armory Ranks Your Airsoft Guns


USAirsoft got the guys from Umbrella Armory to do some ranking of airsoft guns submitted by his viewers... "We opened the flood gates by telling you to tag @usairsoftyoutube on Instagram to submit your Air Soft builds to be ranked in a tier list and that led to over 200 builds being submitted. Yeah, there was no way we could rank all of them but we did our best to gather a good mix with the Umbrella Armory founder (Jordan) and Dade from marketing!

USAirsoft: 10 Airsoft Replicas We NEED


There are still many firearms out there that can have their own airsoft replicas and USAirsoft makes a list of 10 that he thinks we need... "As our game continues to grow so does our hopes for certain replicas we're missing. At every convention and in every video I can see people dreaming of seeing a G11 or an AN94 one day, so lets go down the list of just some replicas we REALLY NEED!"

USAirsoft: 5 Banned Airsoft Guns


Why some airsoft guns get banned? Find out in this video by USAirsoft of his list of 5 banned airsoft guns... "From time to time we see titles on YouTube like "Ban This" or "This should be banned" but are there any air soft replicas that are actually banned?
What would get one banned and are the reasons legitimate?

Well let's find out!"

USAirsoft Bought A Krytac


USAirsoft got himself a Krytac AEG, a Krytac LVOA-C AEG to be exact, and here is what he says... "So I Just Bought A Krytac. I did it, I listened to you guys and finally bought a Krytac. This video is a direct result of the madness that soon followed.

I guess we can add the Krytac LVOA-C to my collection. So does that mean my collection is now perfect or does that mean it's rubbish?"

USAirsoft: Airsoft Flamethrower!


How does a flamethrower work for an airsoft game? USAirsoft got game footage for you of the Battle for Augusta event (actually it's just a snippet)... "Ohhhh boy this was a great event at Augusta Airsoft! There were so many great moments and so many great replicas. The vibes all around were great and I hope to see a third Battle For Augusta in the future!"

Modify PP2K GBB Better Than The MP7?


USAirsoft reviews the PP2K Gas Blowback SMG from Modify and if it is better one to use as compared to the MP7... "The Russian KBP PP-2000 has always been an anomaly for its odd features, it's unique looks, and its scarce appearances in medias. Now we get the chance to handle the closest replica of the allusive PP-2000 that has ever been produced thanks to Modify Tech.

Life Of An Airsoft YouTuber


Good topic picked by the Airsoft GI crew as they discuss the life of an airsoft YouTuber together with the famous USAirsoft... "While USAirsoft was in California, I wanted to dive deeper into his live as an "airsoft youtuber". Like everyone else, he has plenty of hobbies and interests. So I asked Scott some of the questions that a lot of us have. Turn the Dead Box Podcast on and listen while you are taking care of other things lol."

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