G&G .308 SBR Mk.1 Review By USAirsoft


USAirsoft goes over G&G .308 SBR Mk.1 AEG to find out if it's worth its US$400 price tag... "When I first saw this G&G as a prototype, I knew I had to have it. I already enjoyed the .308 MBR WH that G&G Armament sent me long ago so adding another one to my collection that was compact enough to take into CQB games was a no brainer. It had to be mine.

I put in my requests and I waited. Now it's here so I'm ready to study it, test it, field it, and write my review over it.

USAirsoft's G&G Piranha MK1 GBB Pistol Review


USAirsoft checks out the G&G Piranha MK1 Gas Blowback Pistol, a GBB pistol which is an in-house design... "Every time I see an in-house designed replica, prototype or not I first think to myself, 'It better be done right.'

This goes for AEGs and Gas Blowbacks. I think I can say that G&G Armament did it right this in this case.

USAirsoft: Top 5 Video Game Inspired Airsoft Builds


Find out if your favourite gun in video games are in this list of airsoft builds submitted to USAirsoft... "One of the most popular requests is finally here. This is the Airsoft Tops Series and today we take a look at just 5 video game inspired airsoft guns that were built from builders all around the world.

Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Borderlands, anything could be submitted as long as it was video game inspired.

Got it? Good, here we go."

USAirsoft's 5 Tips And Rules For Airsoft Beginners


Newbies in airsoft might want to take heed USAirsoft's tips and rules before they start shooting BBs in the field... "There's a lot of advice I was given before I started shopping for airsoft and before I went to my first games. Advice that would have saved me a lot of money and a lot of struggles so how about I share some of that advice with you so you wont make some of the mistakes I did.

5 Useful Airsoft Attachments According To USAirsoft


So what are these attachments that USAirsoft says are useful? Watch the video... "There's a lot of attachments in the airsoft world that could be a lot better and a few that can be considered quite useless but what about the useful ones? Are there any attachments that could make you a better player?

How can you shop for the right things as a beginner and what should you know before you start spending money on anything airsoft?

Do you even need a sight or a flashlight?

USAirsoft: 10 Amazing Custom Airsoft Guns


USAirsoft does a rundown of some cool custom airsoft guns that were pointed to him by his viewers to feature in this video... "I asked all over the internet to see the most amazing airsoft guns that the world had to be proud of and in less than a week, I received over 700 different custom replicas.

I got dozens of amazing World War 2 and World War 1 builds, DIY airsoft guns, Apocalypse builds, and so many more.

USAirsoft: What A 100 Player Airsoft Game Is Like


USAirsoft goes to SOCAL to get in the thick of the fight of 100-player airsoft game... "What a relaxed trip to SoCal. Technically I went to SC Village before Wildlands but both fields were just chill. I got all my footage for this video in about 2 hours so I more or less used the rest of the day to take photos and give away like, a dozen Arizona cans. The staff were happy to have me and a met a lot of kind fans. Just another great day in airsoft for me.

USAirsoft's Top 5 Airsoft Guns At SHOT 2020


We're back to another Top 5 list from USAirsoft as he always makes this list. For this Top 5 list, he enumerates his favourite airsot guns that were on display at the SHOT Show 2020. If curious on what these are, better watch the video below... "My trip to Shot Show 2020 and to SoCal was sponsored by Airsoft GI!"

USAirsoft: RWA B.A.D. 556-LW AEG


For those looking for an AEG version of the RWA Battle Arms Development 556-LW can watch this video from USAirsoft as it was on display at the SHOT Show 2020. The GBB version is available at the RedWolf Airsoft online store. This AEG features, the B.A.D. licensed Ambidextrous selector, B.A.D. Extended Mag Release, Fortis licensed M-Lok Switch Rail, Rotary-style hop-up, built-in micro switch ECU, and a programmable MOSFET.

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