Airsoft GI Visits KWA USA


USAirsoft and Airsoft GI went to the KWA batcave to find out out what they're cooking up and more (yes, that's a X95 Tavor in the video)... "Boaz and USAirsoft got a behind the scenes look into KWA! While there, they saw all of the prototypes of airsoft gun projects that were unreleased! After twisting their arm and a little begging, we convinced KWA to let us show you their private collection! Tell us what you would want to see KWA release out of all their prototypes!

Airsoft GI: Top 5 Unique Airsoft Guns


During the visit of USAirsoft to the Airsoft GI main in California, they sat down with him to talk about his pick of unique airsoft guns... "USAirsoft has very interesting tastes in airsoft guns. You can say his pallet is a bit refined for airsoft guns ages like fine wine! So we had him go through and pick out airsoft guns that fit his tastes! Lets see what he picked!"

USAirsoft: Custom $500 Airsoft Desert Eagle


What do you get for spending US$500 to customise an airsoft Desert Eagle GBB pistol? Ross of the XE Airsoft Team tells what he got in this USAirsoft video... "Ross of the XE Airsoft Team runs down what makes his $500 Airsoft Desert Eagle special

Ross's Modification List:

USAirsoft: The First Airsoft Striker 12... Kinda


A look at the an airsoft Striker 12 by USAirsoft, the Orange Striker 12 that can take in the APS airsoft shotgun shells... "We've wanted a Striker-12 in the airsoft world forever but now we have it... well kinda. This is the Orange Striker-12, a gelball blaster that surprisingly fits APS shells. That means this can be easily converted for the airsoft fields and let me tell you this, you'll have both the most firepower and the longest reload times at the same time.

Custom $2,000 Gas Blowback AUG HBAR


Perhaps the most expensive custom Steyr Aug Gas Blowback is featured by USAirsoft in this episode... "Ross of the XE Airsoft team goes over his heavily custom gas blowback GHK AUG that took about $2,000 to get it to its ultimate form. We now have a HBAR AUG in the wild!

Let me show you how it works."

USAirsoft: 12 Airsoft Guns You Hate That You Love


This should be interesting as we all go through this in our airsoft lives. USAirsoft lists 12 airsoft guns that you hate to love? Got a separate list? Comparei to this video... "With all the options we get in the airsoft world, there is bound to be a few replicas that you really love but... that can come at a cost if you actually get what you "love".

USAirsoft's LCT RPK AEG Unboxing


USAirsoft unboxes and does an overview video of the hefty RPK AEG from LCT Airsoft... "Airsoft GI really throw me a bone this time, this was the last LCT RPK in stock and they sent it to me after years of it on my wish list!

I think everyone should have an RPK. It's beautiful, it's a piece of art in AK form. It's BIG AK, what else do you need to know before you just start blindly agreeing with me?"

USAirsoft Top 5 Unique Airsoft Loadouts


We got another Top 5 list form USAirsoft and it's all about unique loadouts that airsoft players bring to the field... "It feels so good to be back with a new episode of The Airsoft Tops Series! By popular vote, we bring you just 5 more of the most unique Airsoft loadouts and kits that have ever been put together from all across the world!

From America, the UK, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Sweden, dozens of players and enthusiasts fought for the top spot but only 1 could claim it.

Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol Torture Test


Find out how the Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol fared in this torture test by USAirsoft... "This is our second episode of the Airsoft Meltdown Series where I test something until it breaks itself apart. For this episode we take on the Action Army AAP-01, one of the most popular airsoft sidearms in the game at the moment for obvious reasons.

15 More Budget Airsoft Guns For Under $200


We're all for affordable airsoft guns, especially for beginners who are starting with small budgets. In this episode of USAirsoft, he talks about even more budget-friendly airsoft guns that can be ordered for below US$200... "Getting as many people into the game of Airsoft has become my goal and with that goal comes the responsibility to help guide new players along their first steps when testing fields, fitting in, and saving money.

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