ESG Build With PolarStar Airsoft Jack


MickeyV ESG Build With PolarStar Airsoft Jack

MickeyV talks about his compact HPA airsoft setup, an ESG Build that uses the PolarStar Jack as the HPA engine. It is a highly customised setup with an alphabet soup of brands and upgrade parts into it. The list of the parts below:

Parts List:

  • G&G Upper and Lower receivers
  • ESG for Polarstar Micro Reg
  • Polarstar Jack engine
  • Maxx Model ME PRO Hop Up Unit
  • Speed Tunable Trigger
  • Maxx Model Magazine Release
  • 155mm Prometheus 6.03 Barrel
  • Prometheus Purple Bucking
  • Firefly Hop Up Nub (to flat hop)
  • Gorilla FCU
  • MAC Airsoft 7" Handguard and Outerbarrel


  • EPM-1 S 170rd Mid cap Magazine
  • Acetech Lighter S Tracer Unit
  • Ninja Carbon Fiber Tank 50/4500

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