Insane Range With PolarStar Kythera HPA Build


BBCarty shows the reach of his PolarStar Kythera HPA Build in this gameplay video... "In this video, we're testing the limits of my epic airsoft POLARSTAR KYTHERA HPA build by playing  at Combat Airsoft Thetford!

Polarstar Kythera HPA MK18 Build


BBCarty puts to work his custom MK18 HPA rifle which uses the Kythera from PolarStar Airsoft as the HPA engine to see how it actually performs in the field... "Raw CQB airsoft gameplay with my Polarstar Kythera HPA MK18 custom build! If you like intense airsodt fights then this one is for you!"

Kraken Airsoft: PolarStar CGS


Kraken Airsoft talks about the PolarStar Airsoft CGS Gas Stock, which will allow HPA airsoft players to power their guns via a CO2 gas tank inside the stock rather than a tethered tank... "Today we take a look at the Polarstar CGS Co2 Gas stock! A great option for those who aren't the biggest HPA fans."

Installing PolarStar Jack Into An AAP-01


Wyhaq shows how to install the PolarStar Airsoft Jack HPA Engine into an AAP-01 GBB pistol so it can use HPA as power source. He also includes entertaining breaks to keep you awake...  "This video I show how to install the popular Polarstar Jack hpa engine into an aap-01. It is actually not that hard to install a polarstar into one of these gbb replicas.

The Polarstar Kythera, Is It Worth It?


Another worth it question and it pertains to PolarStar Airsoft Kythera. Airthor Entertainment talks about with a gameplay video using an EMG Daniel Defense Licensed DDM4 AEG... "Hello everyone, welcome back, this is my first time playing with an HPA engine. The HPA Engine used in this video is the Kythera by Polarstar.

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