MiR Tactical: What Is HPA In Airsoft?


For those still unfamiliar with HPA use in airsoft, here is Slex of MiR Tactical to give you information to get you started... "Today Slex gives you the 4 things you need to HPA tap your airsoft gun, where and how you can do it! Watch the whole video for awesome insight on High Pressure Air Rifles."

Frog Engineering Custom VFC M27 IAR HPA GBBR


Frog Engineering Airsoft does a quick overview of their custom VFC M27 IAR HPA GBBR. As this is made to order, interested parties will have to contact them on their Facebook page to enquire... "Yet another built to order Frog Custom ready to leave the workshop. FE/VFC M27 HPA GBBR, set to 1.9J on 0,36g BBs as a assault rifle for polish muzzle energy limits. Runs on Redline Mini SFR at 120 psi and FE custom Hi flow hose. Paintjob by Frog Engineering Custom division."

Frog Engineering Airsoft's Custom FE/WE 888 (HK416D) HPA GBBR


Frog Engineering Airsoft do some custom HPA conversion of airsoft guns and in this video, they did a conversion of the WE Airsoft 888 Gas Blowback Rifle, WE's version of the HK416D, to use HPA as power source... "Long awaited, HPA conversions for WE HK416/AR15 GBBRs are released! Be sure to check out the latest materials! If you want to get one send message for details!"

Airsoftjunkiez Custom G&P Stoner M63A1 HPA LMG


A quick demonstration of another HPA custom gun from Airsoftjunkiez. The Airsoftjunkiez Custom G&P Stoner M63A1 HPA LMG has heavy duty steel & aluminum construction with a 20mm rail on top of feed cover allows for easy mounting of optics. The Railed handguard allows for easy mounting of tactical accessoriesReinforced metal gearbox with steel gears, spring guide, and 8mm bearings. It has one-piece CNC machined aluminum outer barrel

HPA-Powered Airsoft M14 EBR


Airsoft Connor goes into action with his custom HPA-powered M14 EBR. Will it be a good DMR on the field? Watch the video... "In this video I'm playing at Black Tiger Airsoft with my custom HPA M14 EBRr! I fell in love with the EBR from modern warfare and wanted the airsoft version!

Stuff I'm using:

Atom Marker Speedsoft HPA Gen 3


If the G&G SSG-1 AEG made for speedsofting got a lot of flak what more will the Atom Marker Speedsoft HPA Gen 3 take given that it looks more like a Paintball marker than an airsoft gun replica? This makes us wonder if Speedsoft is the ultimate marriage of airsoft and paintball. BNK does a review of this Speedsoft marker.

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