Gorilla FCU Wolverine MTW Inferno 2 Install


Hadron Airsoft Designs shows how they installed the Gorilla Airsoft FCU intto a Wolverine Airsoft MTW Inferno 2... "No practice runs here, we install the Gorilla Airsoft FCU for the Wolverine MTW Inferno 2 edition. What you see, is the self learning of the method. The next one we do, will be much quicker. That's how it goes.:)

Had one or two things to learn during this board swap.

AW Custom Hi-Capa HX Series HPA


Sniper Airsoft Supply got some HPA-powered AW Custom Hi-Capa HX pistols available at their store... "We have the AW Custom Hi-Capa HX Series as HPA and with that you have the perfect Airsoft Backup! Because HPA has it all! We introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of HPA, test the AW Custom HX HPA and compare it with the gas variant. Finally you can use a Hi-Capa as a backup in winter when playing airsoft!

Custom HPA-Powered MAC-11 Pistol By Fulcrum


Fulcrum posted a video showing his conversion of his WELL MAC-11 Gas Blowback Machine Pistol to use HPA as power source... "Welcome back to Project MAC, this time I'm plumbing this WELL MAC-11 GBB Machine pistol for HPA in an attempt to make this gun more reliable and flexible. The biggest problem I face with this #airsoft machine pistol is that there is only a few days in the year which are warm and dry enough (at least in the UK) for this gun to work properly.

Wolverine Airsoft MTW Forged Series Limited Edition


Wolverine Airsoft will be releasing their Limited Edition MTW Forged Series in 2022. Just keep yourself posted on this by following them on social media or their own official website... "We're down the last of our available forged receivers, so we decided to do something special. Be ready, because unlike Christmas and our regular Forged Series, these will not return again.

More information coming soon!"

Custom HPA-Tapped Tokyo Marui M870 Airsoft Shotgun


Wyhaq shows his custom Tokyo Marui M870 which he turned into an HPA-powered airsoft shotgun... "In this video, I show off my custom tokyo marui m870 hpa tapped airsoft replica. This is the full size cut to length, this is not the breacher. This is a great option for milsim and speedsoft speedqb competitions and tournaments."

ESG Build With PolarStar Airsoft Jack


MickeyV talks about his compact HPA airsoft setup, an ESG Build that uses the PolarStar Jack as the HPA engine. It is a highly customised setup with an alphabet soup of brands and upgrade parts into it. The list of the parts below:

Parts List:

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