A Closer Look At The Wolverine WRAITH Aero Stock


Another look at the Wraith Aero Stock from Wolverine Airsoft, a closer one this time... "Here is a closer look at some of the old and new features of the Wraith Aero Stock for the Wolverine Airsoft MTW. The Aero allows you to power the MTW with an external tank and air line. The Aero allows you to use a 13 cubic inch HPA tank right in the stock of the MTW, providing roughly 1,000 shots per tank. These are available at your local Airsoft retailer or at shop.wolverineairsoft.com/aero."

Tippmann OMEGA V2 M4 HPA Airsoft Rifle


Timerzanov Airsoft got his hands on the Tippmann Tactical Omega V2 M4 HPA airsoft rifle. This is available in four models and allows for an HPA tank to be installed in the stock area rather than being tethered via a hose to an external tank and comes with preset ROF that the user can select... "Good morning all! Today I am offering you an HPA type replica operating on Co2.

You'll see it's pretty cool. Good viewing !

GHK AUG GBB-R HPA-Tapped High Capacity Magazine Build


Explosive Enterprise show how they created a HPA-powered GHK AUG Gas Blowback Rifle using an HPA-tapped Marui high capacity AUG AEG magazine... "Here's the process of splicing together a GHK AUG magazine, a spare GHK AUG mag shell, a Tokyo Marui hi-cap, and some basic fittings to produce a hi-cap magazine for the GBBR AUG.

Airsoft Alfonse HPA M240B Gameplay


Alfonse Airsoft goes into action with an HPA-powered M240B during the Order 66 Day event organised by Cobra Airsoft at the Blast Camp Paintball in Hobart, Indiana... "Airsoft Gameplay + Funny Moments with my HPA M240B In My 'Rey ThighWalker' costume with my friend and fellow Jedi/Sith Lord Chris aka Airsoft Fatty!"

Airsoftjunkiez HPA TM MP7 Kits Available


Those who have been waiting for these HPA kits made by PolarStar with Airsoftjunkiez for the Tokyo Marui MP7, they can order now as they're back in stock... "Airsoftjunkiez HPA TM MP7 kits are finally in. All preorders will ship out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience."

Airsoftjunkiez HPA TM MP7 Kit 02


In-Depth Look At An HPA Powered Tokyo Marui AA-12


The Tokyo Marui AA-12 AES is already a monster airsoft shotgun, will be it more Godzilla-like when it gets an HPA conversion? Watch this video from 3-D Video's... "Going over the details on how I converted my TM AA-12 from an AES (Auto Electric Shotgun) to a Polarstar'ed HPA (High Pressure Air) monster."

Amoeba Striker 2 With The Wolverine Bolt & Wraith


Warducks Airsoft show a custom Amoeba Striker 2 airsoft sniper rifle that has been customised for HPA power with the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt engine and the Wraith CO2 to HPA system... "This is the Amoeba Striker 2 Bolt Action airsoft sniper rifle with the Wolverine HPA Bolt and the Wraith CO2 to HpA system. this system is excellently integrated in the stock. this gun and its parts are available at TNT Airsoft. Big thanks to Kryptic for showing us another private collection piece."

Kraken Airsoft: PolarStar Kythera In A Nutshell


Kraken Airsoft posts his first impressions video fo the PolarStar Airsoft Kythera HPA engine... "Today we are back giving some thoughts and impressions on the Polarstar Kythera HPA engine. I personally love my system and setup. But that being said the HPA engine does have some issues being that it s mechanical. Lets discuss."

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