Airsoft For Dummies Season 2: What Is HPA?


The Airsoft2Go guys explains what HPA is all about in the second season of their Airsoft for Dummies series... "At the beginning of the 2nd season of Airsoft for Dummies, Brush explains to the Dummie Momber what HPA is and what the advantages and disadvantages are. Have fun with the video! Unfortunately we had microphone problems, so Momber and Brush are sometimes very quiet. (next time it will be better)."

PolarStar Airsoft Kythera Disassembly


Gregouser shows how to disassembly the Polarstar Airsoft Kythera HPA engine for owners who want to do their maintenance or just curious what is inside. PolarStar's Kythera is a mechanical HPA system that does not need any battery or electronics, making it simple, reliable, and waterproof.

Tippmann Commando MSV CQB 10.5 HPA Rifle Overview


Blades & Triggers walk us through the various features of the Tippmann Commando MSV CQB 10.5 HPA that they have at their store... "The Tippmann Commando MSV - HPA is a semi-auto rifle designed for High-Pressure Air (HPA) operation. Check out the latest video that showcases this awesome airsoft rifle, that comes complete with the rifle itself, along with the original box, manual, and spare parts.

VFC Sig Sauer MPX As HPA Gun Check


In this Gun Check episode of GsP Airsoft, they check out the VFC Sig Sauer MPX that is HPA-powered. The Sig Sauer MPX is a reinterpretation of the Sub Machine Gun concept, now available as an HPA (High Pressure Air) variant for added flexibility on the field. The combination of “Open Bolt” and “Closed Bolt” as well as temperature independence ensure maximum fun on the field.

Defrowe Airsoft: The HPA Debate


If the debate on HPA Airsoft has not been settled yet, feel free to discuss with Defrowe Airsoft... "Have you ever wondered what the debate is over the use of HPA (High Pressure Air) systems in airsoft? In this video, I discuss the controversy surrounding HPA systems and why I personally don't use them. I explain the potential for abuse of power, the physics phenomena of joule creep, and the discomfort of having to run around with a big line and a heavy tank.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom Expert MCX Build


Airsoftjunkiez demonstrated their Custom Expert MCX M13 HPA build, which features Heretic Labs’ premium Inferno and BlackLeaf trigger electronics for a quick binary trigger response. The build also includes several upgrades such as a VFC MCX, a PDI 300mm inner barrel, a Maple Leaf Bucking, a 4X Optic with RMR, and an EMG Guardian Tracer Unit. These upgrades provide an enhanced shooting experience for airsoft enthusiasts. 

Wolverine MTW FORGED Edition 14.5" HPA Unboxing


Juli4Nbtw does an unboxing of the Forged Editio of the Wolverine Airsoft MTW Complete HPA Rifle. This replica has a Wolverine Inferno Gen2 engine that uses a hybrid open bolt system for better accuracy and stability. It also has Wolverine’s Gen2 Premium Electronics that let you customize the shooting settings. The handguard, receiver and barrel are made of durable aluminium with various logos and markings. The pistol grip and stock are made of polymer for more comfort.

Frog Engineering HPA-Powered LMG


Frog Engineering gives a sneak peek of their HPA-powered airsoft LMG... "In Frog Engineering there were not much updates lately... what consumed all the time? Don't you think GBBR machine guns for airsoft became quite a topic? So check this custom prototype! Frog Engineering answering the trends! On HPA of course! Let me know if you like to learn more, more information shall come soon!"

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