Installing PolarStar Jack Into An AAP-01


Wyhaq shows how to install the PolarStar Airsoft Jack HPA Engine into an AAP-01 GBB pistol so it can use HPA as power source. He also includes entertaining breaks to keep you awake...  "This video I show how to install the popular Polarstar Jack hpa engine into an aap-01. It is actually not that hard to install a polarstar into one of these gbb replicas.

New Wolverine Airsoft WRAITH X


According to Wolverine Airsoft, the WRAITH X makes your airline obselete. Watch the video to find out... "The all-new WRAITH X with built-in STORM Category 5 regulator allows you to run your HPA engine with 12 gram or 33 gram CO2 cartridges concealed in the buffer tube or to utilize a standard 13/3000 HPA tank to get approximately 1,000 shots per tank!"

Converting Modify PP2K GBB To HPA


IVA Custom show their 3D-printed adapter to allow the Modify PP2K GBB to use HPA as power source... "Joint project with Khimik - Airsoft to convert PP2K from Modify to HPA Supported by Lenin Solutions.

The adapter is completely printed on 3D printers. The main body is made of ABS-like photopolymer resin, the magazine and cover of the elastic band are made of PETG plastic, the elastic band is inkjet printed."

Airsoftjunkiez Custom HPA Elite Force MG4 LMG


Airsoftjunkiez wasted no time in customising the Elite Force MG4 LMG AEG made by VFC for it to be HPA-powered... "Airsoftjunkiez custom HPA Elite Force MG4 powered by PolarStar Aisoft F2 shooting 1.5j using High Power Airsoft .32g BBs. The box mag is controlled by the all new custom Airsoftjunkiez TCU. Both will be available for order Nov 8th. Stay tune for more product updates."

Wolverine Airsoft Forged MTWs Back At Airsoftjunkiez


We get to take a look at the well-built Wolverine Airsoft Forged MTW complete HPA rifles that are available to order right now at Airsoftjunkiez... "Wolverine Airsoft Forged MTWs are in stock and ready to ship. Great performance upgrades include new CNC hop-up, Advanced Electronic Board and premium FCU. Shooting 1.6j with High Power Airsoft 0.36g BBs."

The Wolverine Airsoft The MTW Forged Series Is Back


If you have not heard about the news, Wolverine Airsoft announced last month that their MTW Forged Series is available again... "Behold the MTW Forged Series. Wolverine Airsoft's flagship Airsoft Replica, like all MTW's it has been designed and built from the ground up to deliver unrivaled performance, modularity, and compatibility.

VOC Airsoft On The Poseidon Stormbreaka CNC HPA Adapter


Review and gameplay video by VOC Airsoft featuring tthe Poseidon Stormbreaka CNC HPA adapter... "The Poseidon Stormbreaka adapter is a CNC aluminium HPA adapter which features a variety of colours. This gives you the option of using M4 AEG magazines with your pistols.

It also has the option of swapping between Hi-capa or G-series magazines

You can purchase this adapter from Poseidon directly, or if you are in HK you can check out promo shop."

PolarStar Jack Vs Mancraft PDiK


A battle of HPA engines. Woodland Raiders for a comparison of the PolarStar Airsoft Jack and the Mancraft PDiK... "Comparison of the operation of the newly purchased HP replica with the Polar Star Jack engine and the Mancraft Pdik gen3 air motor.

In the video you can see that the engine operating on the principle of a solenoid valve gives better repeatability when shooting than the Mancraft pneumatic device.

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