TBW: Wolverine Airsoft MTW Review


The Wolverine Airsoft MTW is the first complete HPA airsoft rifle from the company and has been getting good reviews on the field. Not exactly a new product now, but for those who prefer the HPA as power source for their airsoft guns, this is the best option so far unless they want to put their own HPA airsoft guns using the drop-in kits. The BB Warrior gives his take on this rifle in this video review.

Wolverine Bolt M For Silverback SRS


Rich shows the version of the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt M for the Silverback Airsoft SRS sniper rifle. This allows you to power the sniper rifle with HPA and installing it is a cinch with a quick change that comes with an air attachment system. It is a fully mechanical design for a battery-free operation.

Red Army Airsoft: Proteus 3 Drop-In HPA Kit Demo


Alexander of Red Army Airsoft tests his HPA-powered rifle that uses the High Precision Airsoft Proteus 3 Drop-In Kit... "Finally completed the video about my VVD rifle on Proteus 3, which was assembled by the M.Customs workshop

The video is almost a year long in the making, the first shooting from which they were collected, shots from different games, impressions, shooting after a series of games, about the tracer, experience of use, plans for the future, etc.

Tapp Airsoft HPA Magazine Adapters


Kevin of Airsoft GI takes a look at the new TAPP Airsoft HPA Magazine Adapters in this video and SpeedQB players may want to take note of what he says about these. Available are the app Airsoft KJW KC-02 Tapp Modular Adapter for M4 Magazine (Short) and the Tapp Airsoft M870 Tapp Modular Adapter for M4 Magazine.

Airsoft CamMan On Wolverine MTW


The Airsoft CamMan got his first HPA-powered airsoft taste with the Wolverine Airsoft MTW... "Ive always been a bit negative when it comes to using HPA in Airsoft assuming its only for Speedsoft and SpeedQB player, but my opinions have slowly been changed. Finally seeing the stealth capabilities first hand of HPA in Airsoft.

I looked to take a leap into the dark world of High Pressure Airsoft. That's when I found the Wolverine MTW."

PStar V2 Fusion Engine Input Fitting


For PolarStar Airsoft V2 Fusion Engine owners, they can follow this instructional video showing how to install a replacement of the cylinder input fitting... "In this video we demonstrate how to properly replace the cylinder input fitting on a V2 Fusion Engine. We also show how we recommend installing an aftermarket IGL."

Custom Sniper Builds At Airsoftjunkiez


Airsoftjunkiez pushed out a series of custom sniper builds for the Christmas shoppers but if you learned about them after, don't worry they are still available to order. You can select from the BAR-10 JG with the Wolverine Bolt M, or the Silverback Airsoft SRS Custom build. These are HPA powered airsoft rifles as Airsoftjunkiez is highly specialised in HPA airsoft builds.

PStar 33g CGS Stock Custom Build


Airsoftjunkiez demonstrate a custom HPA rifle build using an old Dytac Warlord that is equipped with a PolarStar F2 with UGS CO2 Insert 33g... "Polarstar CO2 inserts are manufactured for both the UGS and CGS stocks and have models for both the 12g and 33g CO2 cartridges in either variant. However, the inserts have more uses than just being paired with one of these stocks.

Bolt M Ares Striker Installation


A tutorial from Wolverine Airsoft showing you how to install the Bolt M on the Striker airsoft sniper rifle from Ares Airsoft. This allows you to power the Striker with HPA rather than spring. It is a mechanical system with no batteries needed to power it. All you need to complete the installation is the rig that you need so you can attach an external air tank and you can get going with to you airsoft game as a sniper.

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