Airsoftjunkiez Custom Expert MCX Build


Airsoftjunkiez demonstrated their Custom Expert MCX M13 HPA build, which features Heretic Labs’ premium Inferno and BlackLeaf trigger electronics for a quick binary trigger response. The build also includes several upgrades such as a VFC MCX, a PDI 300mm inner barrel, a Maple Leaf Bucking, a 4X Optic with RMR, and an EMG Guardian Tracer Unit. These upgrades provide an enhanced shooting experience for airsoft enthusiasts. 

Wolverine MTW FORGED Edition 14.5" HPA Unboxing


Juli4Nbtw does an unboxing of the Forged Editio of the Wolverine Airsoft MTW Complete HPA Rifle. This replica has a Wolverine Inferno Gen2 engine that uses a hybrid open bolt system for better accuracy and stability. It also has Wolverine’s Gen2 Premium Electronics that let you customize the shooting settings. The handguard, receiver and barrel are made of durable aluminium with various logos and markings. The pistol grip and stock are made of polymer for more comfort.

Frog Engineering HPA-Powered LMG


Frog Engineering gives a sneak peek of their HPA-powered airsoft LMG... "In Frog Engineering there were not much updates lately... what consumed all the time? Don't you think GBBR machine guns for airsoft became quite a topic? So check this custom prototype! Frog Engineering answering the trends! On HPA of course! Let me know if you like to learn more, more information shall come soon!"

Cyclone MK18 E19 HPA Rifle


Airsoft2go shows us the Cyclone MK18 E19 HPA Rifle that uses the Specna Arms SA-E19 EDGE as base gun and is customised to meet German regulations... "Immo is back and brought you a new Cyclone. The Cyclone MK18 E19, again modified in cooperation with a German gunsmith, is now available on our shop page and in the Oberhausen shop!"

T8 P30 HPA Magazine Adapter For Tokyo Marui MWS GBB


AirsoftNEXT gets to try the T8 P30 HPA Magazine Adapter for Tokyo Marui MWS GBB. This is an HPA adaptor for the Tokyo Marui MWS M4 GBB Rifle. It lets you use HPA instead of gas and regular AEG magazines. It is made of strong aluminum with a hard coating. It works with U.S. and EU HPA setups and is easy to install.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom HPA PP-19 Bizon


A quick demo by Airsoftjunkiez of their customised HPA-powered PP-19 Bizon. The PolarStar F2 was installed into the PP19 Bizon and the demo, it shoots at 1.6 joules using high pressured air using 0.30g BBs at 100 psi. There are more custom HPA-powered airsoft rifles at Airsoftjunkiez, ranging from entry level ones to their Expert series builds.

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