EMG Sharps Bros Jack M4 Review By Damascus Airsoft


It looks like Damascus Airsoft is happy with this licensed EMG Sharps Bros Jack M4 AEG that can be found on Evike.com.. Watch his video review to find out why... "You won't believe how I got this amazing rifle! Stick around in the video so you can see the performance, build and overall thoughts on this bad boy!"

G&G MP5 With PolarStar Jack HPA Engine


The Airsoft CamMan brings his old G&G MP5 AEG back into action by installing the PolarStar Airsoft Jack HPA Engine... "My old G&G MP5 has been gathering dust for a while now. So I decided to give it a new lease of life by installing a Polarstar Jack.

I am a total noob when it comes to installing HPA. This is the first ever HPA Airsoft install I have ever done, so installing the Polarstar Jack into my G&G MP5 was being done as trial and error."

Airsoft Obsessed With The Sharps Bros Jack9 AEG


Dave Baks of Airsoft Obsessed goes over the features of the Sharps Bros Jack9 which is made under the EMG brand. Available in Polymer and Metal versions, the EMG Sharps Bros Jack9 AEG this has the same internals ARES Airsoft M4 45 Pistol Caliber Carbine that has a newly designed gearbox that allows for more vertical motor grip, the EFCS, and quick detach barrel assembly.

Installing A PolarStar Jack Into An M249


Putting an HPA engine into an support airsoft gun can be a good option if you want fewer moving parts and not bothered by having a line tethered to an outside HPA tank. In this video, BattleMonkeys Airsoft shows how to install the PolarStar Jack HPA Engine into an A&K M249.

You can click here to know the parts list that you need to the HPA conversion.

Kireru On The FCC Jack Carbine


Kireru's Thomas Mikkelsen gives his take on the Fight Club Custom Jack Carbin as an airsoft training weapon... "My thoughts about the FCC Jack Carbine and why I run it. When all you want to do is learn about the AR15 platform, but your options are limited - you want to have a proper replica firearm to push you in the right direction. With a ton of Airsoft rifles to choose from, you’d want to pick the right one.

Tokyo Marui MP7A1 With PolarStar Jack


Alexander of Red Army Airsoft features a Tokyo Marui MP7A1 that has been customised to be HPA-powered. This uses the PolarStar Jack Drop-in Kit from Bingo Airsoft Designs, Bullgear Hop-Up, and the Nine Ball Long Inner Barrel for Tokyo Marui MP7A1 AEG... "You have long asked and I finally got my hands on making a video about our MP7 HPA."

Airsoftjunkiez/BAD MP7 Jack Kit Install Demo


Eyeing the MP7 PolarStar Jack Drop-In Kit available at Airsoftjunkiez from Bingo Airsoft Designs? Here is a demonstration video from Airsoft Junkiez to give you an idea on how to install it... "Detailed breakdown and install video of the Bingo/Airsoftjunkiez drop in PolarStar Jack Kit. Converts your TM MP7 or Well R4 MP7 into HPA. Overall look at the Chassis and all the components for easier install."

TM Scorpion Mod M With Polarstar Jack


Watch the first HPA-powered Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod M with the PolarStar Jack HPA engine being test fired in this video by Chris Plosaj.. "Hey guys! I recently installed a P* Jack into the new Marui Scorpion Vz61 and here is the finished product. Step by step breakdown coming soon, or you can check out how I did it here."

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