EMG CGS Noveske N4 GBB Detailed Review


Cephas858 EMG CGS Noveske N4 GBB Detailed Review

Cephas858 reviews the EMG CGS Noveske CGS N4 GBB rifle, a new and improved gas blowback system that works with Tokyo Marui MWS parts. The rifle has a high-quality aluminum body, a licensed Noveske N4 Gen 3 design, a short 10.5" barrel, a Noveske NSR-9 M-LOK handguard, a 20mm RIS rail, an adjustable CRANE stock, an ergonomic pistol grip, a rear QD sling point, and a 30 round Lancer Systems L5 AWM magazine. It is a reliable and efficient base gun that is ready to use and customize.

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