English Airgunner Tests The EMG Helios Noveske N4 MWS Gen 3 GBB


English Airgunner likes the EMG Helios Noveske N4 MWS Gen 3 Gas Blowback Rifle after testing and checking its internals. As it uses the Marui MWS system which is unlike the standard gas M4 systems uses a short-travel roller hammer to reduce wear on the bolt, hammer, and valve knocker. It also features a steel bolt lock plate to prevent common issues like bolt stop wear and accidental unlocking on the last round.

EMG Daniel Defense MK18 Unboxing & Modification


In this ASMR video, Connor Priola does an unboxing of the licensed EMG Daniel Defense MK18 and also some modding to suit his taste... "As an airsoft hobbyist, I've been looking forward to making a video like this for a while now, and I've finally gotten around to it. This is a pretty comprehensive video showing the unboxing and modification of the Daniel Defense Licensed Mk18 replica by EMG.

EMG x Double Eagle Noveske N4 GBB At OPS-Store


The OPS-STORE present the EMG x Double Eagle Noveske N4 Gas Blowback Rifle that they have available at their store. This  is a licensed M4 GBBR airsoft replica offering excellent value for money. This attractive replica features a 35-round gas magazine compatible with Tokyo Marui MWS standards, a modern look with NOVESKE markings thanks to its EMG partnership, flexible mechanics, and an M-LOK NSR handguard.

CYMA EMG Daniel Defense DDMK18 GBBR Internals


A look at the innards of the Daniel Defense DDMK18 GBBR made by CYMA in this Airsoft Manuals episode by Taiwan Gun. The EMG Daniel Defense MK18 airsoft rifle boasts the innovative CYMA CGS system with an adjustable trigger, delivering top-notch performance and wide upgrade options. Steel parts enhance durability, while the system's design and TM MWS compatibility make it perfect for customization and reliable gameplay.

EMG CGS Daniel Defense DDM4 SBR GBB Review


Tactical 10 presents a swift review of the EMG CGS Daniel Defense DDM4 SBR GBB Rifle, a part of the CGS (CYMA Gas System) Series. This innovative design, packed with the latest gas blowback rifle technology, is fully compatible with the Tokyo Marui MWS system. It offers a reliable and efficient base platform with a growing array of aftermarket upgrades and options, ready for immediate use straight out of the box.

CGS Custom Noveske N4 In A MOUT Airsoft Scenario


AirsoftNEXT brings the GS Custom Noveske N4 GBB Rifle to a MOUT game to see how it performs. This fully licensed EMG airsoft rifle boasts CYMA's new Gas System, offering Tokyo Marui-like performance with adjustable trigger and extensive aftermarket support and its affordability making it a hot choice for airsoft enthusiasts on a budget.

Accessorizing The Noveske N4 GBBR By EMG x CGS


Cephas858 shows how he accessorised his Noveske N4 GBBR by EMG x CGS in a more functional way rather than just form so as to utilise it more effectively in the game field... "We discuss the accessories and modifications we have done to our Noveske N4 GBBR by EMG x CGS airsoft rifle."

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