CYMA Daniel Defence M4 PDW SBR CGS GBBR Unboxing


The Middle Aged Gamer got the CYMA Daniel Defence M4 PDW SBR CGS GBBR earlier and does an unboxing before doing a full review... "We Unbox the Latest Airsoft Daniel Defence M4 PDW SBR CGS GBBR MWS from Cyma/T8 officially Licenced by EMG who hold the rights. This Airsoft Toy replica uses a familiar system the MWS ZET system but had been heavily Upgraded from the factory by T8 using there Hop, Short Stroke Buffer and Steel Bolt Carrier, also a full Steel Fire Control Group.

EMG CGS Daniel Defense DDM4 SBR GBB Review


Tactical 10 presents a swift review of the EMG CGS Daniel Defense DDM4 SBR GBB Rifle, a part of the CGS (CYMA Gas System) Series. This innovative design, packed with the latest gas blowback rifle technology, is fully compatible with the Tokyo Marui MWS system. It offers a reliable and efficient base platform with a growing array of aftermarket upgrades and options, ready for immediate use straight out of the box.

EMG CGS Noveske N4 GBB Detailed Review


Cephas858 reviews the EMG CGS Noveske CGS N4 GBB rifle, a new and improved gas blowback system that works with Tokyo Marui MWS parts. The rifle has a high-quality aluminum body, a licensed Noveske N4 Gen 3 design, a short 10.5" barrel, a Noveske NSR-9 M-LOK handguard, a 20mm RIS rail, an adjustable CRANE stock, an ergonomic pistol grip, a rear QD sling point, and a 30 round Lancer Systems L5 AWM magazine. It is a reliable and efficient base gun that is ready to use and customize.

Kraken Airsoft: PolarStar CGS


Kraken Airsoft talks about the PolarStar Airsoft CGS Gas Stock, which will allow HPA airsoft players to power their guns via a CO2 gas tank inside the stock rather than a tethered tank... "Today we take a look at the Polarstar CGS Co2 Gas stock! A great option for those who aren't the biggest HPA fans."

JAG Scattergun CGS Adapter Installation


PolarStar Airsoft demonstrates how to install their CGS with the Gas Stock Adapter on the JAG Scattergun airsoft shotgun... "This Gas Stock Adapter allows you to configure your JAG Arms Scattergun with our CGS air system so the gun can be converted to run off of 12g or 33g CO2 instead of green gas.

PolarStar Airsoft CGS At SHOT Show 2019


This next video from Airsoftjunkiez taken at the SHOT Show 2019 show Eric at PolarStar Airsoft. You may have heard about about the UGS and CGS stock and buffer tubes for HPA-powered airsoft guns so learn more about them in this video... "PolarStar CGS product update from Shot Show 2019."

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