COLT 1911 Defender GBB Pistol At Destockage Games


Destockage Games COLT 1911 Defender GBB Pistol

Next for a quick presentation from Destockage Games is the Cybergun COLT 1911 Defender GBB Pistol made by SRC... "Here is one of the new Colt 1911 from the @Cybergun_Group / SRC collab: the DEFENDER!

This model, compact and discreet, is available in 4 different versions and incorporates the characteristics of certain Colts also resulting from the collaboration between Cybergun and SRC.

Equipped with an ergonomic handle and improved sights, these PA also have:

  • A pronounced beaver tail
  • An openwork trigger tail
  • A striker with worked finishes
  • A perforated breech and barrel

So, what do you think of this version?"

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