KLI 1911 Gas Blowback Pistol Review


Nico Joule Airsoft takes a look at another 1911 GBB Pistol, this time from the KLI brand... "I would like to introduce you to my next airsoft review, which is about the "KLI 1911" airsoft pistol, as a gas blow-back version, operated with gas. The pistol is also made of full metal."

Clyde Santos On The KJW KP-07 1911 GBB


Is the KJ Works KP-07 1911 GBB Pistol one of the best gas blowback pistols? Practical shooter Clyde Santos gives his take on this gas blowback pistol that is a modernised 1911 with an under rail to mount weapons accessories. It is full metal with rubberised grips with the internals being able to use Marui-compatible parts.

Long Magazine For Custom 1911 MEU Full Auto GBB Pistol


Nekogun's Airsoft Garage got a custom 1911 MEU Full Auto GBB Pistol based on the "Public Enemies" film and he made a long magazine for it... "This is the full-auto M1911 that appeared in the movie Public Enemies. Based on Tokyo Marui's MEU, it is fully automated by incorporating high-capacity extreme parts! In the video, I will make a long magazine for this air gun. Please see the video of VILLAGE specification M1911 for the method of full automation."

AW Custom NE2201 1911 Deadpool Gas Gel Blaster


The AW Custom NE2201 1911 Deadpool pistol got a Gel Blaster version and X-Force Tactical got it in stock and here is what they say... "The latest batch of AW Custom GBB pistols have landed and we are proud to present to you the Deadpool 1911. At X-Force Tactical we are dedicated to bringing you the coolest toy guns and gel blasters available."

COLT 1911 RTP MOSFET AEP At Destockage Games


Another MOSFET-equipped AEP presented by Destockage Games is the COLT 1911 RTP MOSFET AEP from Cybergun... "Here is the famous COLT 1911 RTP in its electric version by Cybergun! Under COLT license, this PA equipped with a reinforced internal presents a mosfet, a full metal body and an adjustable hop-up. Semi and full automatic, its loader has a capacity of 30 balls.

Timerzanov Airsoft: Golden Eagle Colt 1911 Strike Warrior GBB Pistol


Timerzanov Airsoft goes over the Golden Eagle Colt 1911 Strike Warrior GBB Pistol, a good alternative if looking for a more affordable clone of the Marui one... "Hi there ! For this video I offer you the review of the 1911 Strike Warrior from Golden Eagle! A 1911 type gbb with a compensator which makes it particularly original. A perfect replica for small budgets and those wanting a replica that is out of the ordinary.

Timerzanov Airsoft: Tokyo Marui Colt 1911 MKIV Series 70 Nickel Finish


For 1911 fans, here is a review by Timerzanov Airsoft on the Tokyo Marui Colt 1911 MKIV Series 70 Nickel Finish Gas Blowback Pistol... "Hi all ! Today I offer you another Colt 1911 Tokyo Marui, this time it's the Tokyo Marui Series 70 Nickel Finish! A 1911 with a very nice upholstery which really changes from the traditional style and which makes it magnificent. As usual with an excellent finish at the height of the Japanese brand.

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