Raven 1911 MEU Railed GBB Pistol


Golgy, A Sunday Gamer reviews the Raven 1911 MEU Railed Gas Blowback Pistol. This is part of the series that is carried by Nuprol. It is based on the MEU 1911 pistol and has a 20mm rail and CO2 ready. It also got a spare O-ring, nozzle kit, and CO2 spring replacement in the package.

Airsoft Mike: Dan Wesson VALOR 1911


ASG got the Dan Wesson VALOR 1911 which is a change from the usual Dan Wesson revolvers they carry. This is a open chamber blowback pistol with a short throw trigger and dual safety feature. It has a chromed barrel, double diamond slim line G10 grip slides and white dot front and rear sights. Airsoft Mike does the usual unboxing and overview video of this GBB pistol.

Arrow Arms Glock 1911 .45 AUTO GBB Pistol


Somebody did it in airsoft! If you want a marriage between a 1911 and a Glock pistol, here it is the Arrow Arms Glock 1911 .45 AUTO GBB Pistol! This should be the collectible of the year before Glock runs amok suing everyone. Hyperdouraku takes a look at this GBB pistol and let's see if it will not burn their hands for holding what Glock can probably consider to be a blasphemy... "An interesting gas blowback hand gun from ARROW ARMS! Its name is 'GLOCK 1911 .45 AUTO!"

Amadeo Rossi 1911 GBB Pistol Review & Gameplay


The BlackHawks Airsoft Team checks out the Amadeo Rossi 1911 GBB Pistol. We assume this is the Rossi "Redwings" 1911 GBB Pistol as this is the only model available from the Brazilian company. Compatible with Tokyo Marui and KJ Works 1911s, this is available at airsoft retailers in Europe now... "In this video we talk about Amadeo Rossi's 1911, a very good quality secondary replica with a good price."

How To Properly Grip A 1911 Pistol


Dennis Marasigan got a video for beginners in the proper gripping on a 1911 pistol. This is done in Filipino, but you can follow the video by watching how he does it... "TAF GUY Dennis Marasigan demonstrate for beginners how to properly grip a semi-auto pistol as well as loading and unloading."

AW Tribe 1911 GBB Pistol Test


One of the new releases from Armorer Works is the Tribe 1911 Gas Blowback Pistol. In this video HK Airsoft & Airgun does chrono and shooting Test, as well as a soda can penetration test which many know as the "Poor Man's Chrono". Is it something that you might like to put in your list of candidates for your next GBB pistol? Watching the video may give you a wee bit of an idea how it performs.

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