Baton Airsoft Predator Target CO2 NBB Pistol


Baton Airsoft Predator Target CO2 NBB Pistol

Baton Airsoft present their fixed slide CO2 airsoft pistol, the Predator Target, which is based on very popular handgun design by the looks of it... "BATON AIRSOFT's CO2 fixed slide gas gun PREDATOR TARGET. A value-priced fixed CO2 gas gun created by BATON AIRSOFT, which has released many CO2 gas guns.

A model that has become easier to obtain by significantly lowering the price compared to conventional CO2 gas guns. The CO2 gas gun, which is resistant to cold, is made into a fixed slide, making it even more resistant to cold and can be used without problems in all seasons.

A 12g CO2 cartridge can fire more than 200 shots with low fuel consumption and low running costs.

*The number of bullets that can be fired varies depending on the outside temperature and how you shoot (the number of bullets that can be fired will decrease as the CO2 cools down with continuous firing) 200 or more is a guideline*

3 months gas leak free repair warranty (* Gunsmith BATON will repair it. Although it is stated in the warranty, the customer will send it directly to Gunsmith BATON and the manufacturer will handle it.)"

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