ASG MK23 NBB Pistol For Cold Weather Use


Rock Bottom Airsoft talks about the ASG MK23 Non-Blowback Pistol as his favourite sidearm for cold weather airsoft... "In this video we take a look at one of my most reliable Airsoft pistols and sidearm of choice in colder conditions the ASG MK23. We discuss different manufactures of this pistol and differences between them. Such as Tokyo Marui, STTI and the Novritsch versions.

Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM NBB Review & Test


One of the most reviewed airsoft pistols is the Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM Fixed Slide Gas Pistol, but it never hurts to watch another review of it. Here is Shaun Thompson with his take on this airsoft pistol. This is perhaps one very fidgety person with airsoft guns... "In today's video, we have a look at the Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM an extremely silent airsoft pistol that allows you to sneak around and take out your opponents quietly and effectively.

Tokyo Marui MK23 NBB Suppressed Pistol


Callsign Dell is happy with the low noise level of Tokyo Marui SOCOM 23 NBB Pistol... "Check out the crazy quiet mk23 I got! I know these arent new or anything, but I was super excited to make a video on mine, so I did. I prefer this one compared to the Novi one. What do you own or like better?"

Carbon Fibre Suppressors For Airsoft MK23


KPP Airsoft got some carbon fibre suppressors for the MK23 SOCOM NBB Pistol. These are available in different lenghts and are compatible with either CCW or CW threads. They are light weight and come with an anodized tip.

Tokyo Marui LCP/LCP II & BODYGUARD 380 Long Magazines


During the Marufes Online Part 7, Deka revealed that long magazines for the compact Tokyo Marui LCP/LCP II & BODYGUARD 380 fixed slide gas airsoft pistols are in the works. Now, he is back with Irodori Mayoi to talk more about these as well as their contest for the AK White Storm NGRS in cooperation with Fashion-Snap... "Long magazines for LCP / LCP II and BODYGUARD 380 compact carry gas guns will be released!

Y&P M23 Gas NBB Version Review


Angry Unicorns Airsoft checks out the Y&P M23 Gas NBB Pistol that is available at Begadi in Germany. Magazine is Marui-compatible as well as the hop-up. It has a 16mm CW thread for a mock suppressor which also acts as a barrel extension.

ASG MK23 NBB Pistol Review


SFA give their take on the version of the MK23 Non-Blowback Pistol from ASG... "Possibly the most pointless review ever, but here we take a look at one of the most iconic airsoft sidearm platforms on the market. Big silencer, big power and the worst trigger on the planet combine to give this NBB pistol it's customary charm. Complete with bonus manufacturing faults!"

Hyperdouraku: Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380


Hyperdouraku does a detailed review of the Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380. One of the fixed slide compact carry/pocket auto series from the Japanese airsoft company, this is easily concealable given its small size that can be good for small hands and easily covered by big palms.

Read the full review here and video version below:

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