Timerzanov Airsoft: Tokyo Marui M&P Bodyguard 380 NBB


Timerzanov Airsoft got one of the newer compact fixed slide gas pistols from Tokyo Marui to review... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the review of a compact NBB from Tokyo Marui. This is the M&P Bodyguard 380, one of the 4 models already available from the Japanese manufacturer's "Pocket Auto Series" range. Anyway, enjoy the video everyone!

Custom SOCOM MK23 Vs Standard Tokyo Marui SOCOM MK23


Will a customised SOCOM MK23 outranged and be more silent than the standard Tokyo Marui SOCOM MK23 NBB Pistol? Mach Sakai got UH-1 Huey Yoshi's SOCOM Mk23 Silent Distance Up Custom for comparison. There are other MK23s in the market out there than clone or try to surpass the Marui, including customised ones.

BB2K Airsoft Reviews The Tokyo Marui CURVE NBB Pistol


Bruce goes for a highly concealable fixed slide gas pistol from Tokyo Marui, the Tokyo Marui CURVE NBB Pistol, in this BB2K Airsoft video review. The Tokyo Marui CURVE is a small, stealthy, fixed slide gas pistol based on the Taurus CURVE handgun. Its unique curved profile is designed to fit comfortably over waist contours for concealed carry.

Eagle Airsoft: ASG MK23 SOCOM


Eagle Airsoft recommend the ASG MK23 SOCOM NBB as a good affordable airsoft pistol. The MK23 SOCOM is a powerful and popular pistol for airsoft with its large size and included silencer making it a stealthy airsoft pistol weapon. It also features a standard weaver/picatinny rail for mounting accessories.

Maniek44 On The Ascend Ninja 23 NBB Pistol


Maniek44 goes over the Ascend Ninja 23 NBB Pistol if it is a good alternative to the Tokyo Marui MK23 and its clones. This is a non-blowback gas pistol with a CNC aluminium slide that can mount RMR sights and has red and green fibre optic sights for low light aiming. It also has a +16mm threaded outer barrel and a wheel hop design that can be adjusted through the slide without tools. 

S2S CZ75D Compact Fixed Slide Gas Pistol


Oji Shooter tries S2S CZ75D Compact Fixed Slide Gas Pistol with ASG markings that is mainly available in Japan... "This time, we will introduce the CZ75D Compact, a fixed slide gas gun made by S2S. This gas gun was borrowed from Chara as an unopened item for review. The good appearance stands out for the low price, but what about the shooting performance, which is the main thing... I will review it without hesitation."

Rossi C11 CO2 NBB Pistol Review


Rossi does its own review of its C11 CO2 Airsoft Pistol that should be available in South America and Europe. This is a non-blowback airsoft pistol with an initial muzzle velocity of 425fps. Its magazine has a capacity of 15-BB rounds, textured grip and 20 mm under rail for weapons accessories.

Mach Sakai: Walther P99 Fixed Slide Gas Pistol


Mach Sakai goes for a non-blowback Walther P99 airsoft pistol from Maruzen in this video review. This has a magazine capacity of 24+1  and the ability to change backstraps for comfort. Fully licensed, it has Matt Black Finish, internal hammering system, as well as a trigger that must be released fully to shoot next round.

Baton Airsoft Predator Target CO2 NBB Pistol


Baton Airsoft present their fixed slide CO2 airsoft pistol, the Predator Target, which is based on very popular handgun design by the looks of it... "BATON AIRSOFT's CO2 fixed slide gas gun PREDATOR TARGET. A value-priced fixed CO2 gas gun created by BATON AIRSOFT, which has released many CO2 gas guns.

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