Baton Airsoft Predator Target CO2 NBB Pistol


Baton Airsoft present their fixed slide CO2 airsoft pistol, the Predator Target, which is based on very popular handgun design by the looks of it... "BATON AIRSOFT's CO2 fixed slide gas gun PREDATOR TARGET. A value-priced fixed CO2 gas gun created by BATON AIRSOFT, which has released many CO2 gas guns.

Mach Sakai With Vintage MGC S&W M459 NBB Pistol


We see another piece of airsoft history as Mach Sakai reviews the MGC S&W M459 NBB Pistol that was released in 1986 and a limited Winter edition was released in the same year. He checks it for all the details if it is replicated properly which is also fed by 15-BB round gas magazine. As always, there is a performance test near the end of the video.

Tokyo Marui & STTi MK23 NBB Pistol Comparison


Angry Bull does a comparison to find out the differences between the Tokyo Marui and STTi MK23 fixed slide gas pistols in this video... "Thanks for checking back in on the doomed project! We've had some decently positive progress though now at least so let's have a quick catch up on what's happened and why. A very well times video posted by @SniperMechanic certainly spurred this on as well."

Tokyo Marui MK23 Performance After Four Years


What will the Airsoft Headquarters say about the Tokyo Marui MK23's performance after four years' of use? This pistol, one of the heftiest in airsoft especially with the LAM module, is a non-blowback gas pistol which is preferred by players who want to be stealthy, especially by airsoft snipers. Watch the video on to learn more about their experience.

Timerzanov Airsoft: Tokyo Marui Ruger LCP II NBB


Timerzanov Airsoft reviews one of the newest CCW fixed slide gas pistol from Tokyo Marui, the Ruger LCP II NBB... "Hi there ! For this Tuesday video I offer you a novelty from Tokyo Marui, I present to you today the LCP II! A tiny, cute, easily concealable replica perfect for games with a prisoner scenario. This replica is an NBB entirely in ABS but has incredible shooting performance... In short, I let you discover that in the video!

Maruzen Walther P99 FS NBB


Mach Sakai gets to review one of the Bond pistols,  the Walther P99 FS NBB Pistol. As an NBB, it has a fixed slide and there is a package available that but comes with detachable silencer rail mount and LED torch. It is said to have the best non-blowback double-action trigger in the airsoft market.

KJ Works MK2 NBB CO2 Version


Scarfab94 tries the KJ Works MK2 NBB CO2 Version that is available at Begadi. Based on the Ruger MKII Rimfire pistol, it is mainly made of metal and can work with the KJ Works MK1 magazine. A 15-BB round magazine is included and can be holstered with the Begadi Multi Fit holster though there is some play.

Mach Sakai: Marukoshi Walther P5 NBB Pistol


A vintage airsoft lesson from Mach Sakai as he reviews the Marukoshi Walther P5 NBB Pistol. This was first introduced in 1988 it is gas powered pistol with trades on it. He checks it for external details, operation and the usual performance test with his mini steel challenge.

ASG Bersa Thunder 9 PRO NBB Pistol


Quick presentation by ASG of their licensed Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Non-Blowback Pistol... "Originally developed BERSA, as a military/law-enforcement sidearm, the Thunder® Pro HC was built to perform under adverse conditions and provide decisive stopping power. This is a semi-automatic 6 mm Airsoft version fully licensed by BERSA. It is powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge stored in the grip using the easy-load system and the BB's are put in a removable stick magazine.

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