Airsoft Action Magazine October 2023 Issue Now Available


Airsoft Action Magazine October 2023 Issue

It's that time of the month when we get to read a free airsoft magazine online and offline. The October 2023 issue of Airsoft Action Magazine looks loaded and all one has to do is download to your favourite reading device or use their own web browser to read to their heart's desire... "Even though we’re currently having our annual vacation and office shutdown, here we go with the the very latest issue of AIRSOFT ACTION, and as usual it’s a bit of a beast with 100 PAGES of free-to-read news, reviews, event reports from around the globe, and a healthy dose of attitude and airsoft opinion! 

Kicking off with our headline review this month Bill gets some serious rangetime in with the KING ARMS TWS 9MM SBR, an AR GBBR that actually uses G-SERIES magazines that many of you probably already have for your handguns… why are more people not talking about this breakthrough gas model… we have no idea, but we’ll certainly say our piece! 

Following on from there we have a first look at the all-new SGR 556 from G&G, the just-released ICS CXP APE SE,and the newest BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT SBR AEG (courtesy of Larri in his first-ever AEG review!) from our old mates at REDWOLF! Then there’s a further FIFTEEN SMG models that are moving on through the RED CELL testing program, along with a recap on the ROSSI NEPTUNE SAS six-months in! 

In terms of kit Bill reflects back on the clothing and gear that he used on the FAST TACTICAL training course he attended recently, and the good folk of the AA LEGION “GO GREEN FTW!” 

And then… THEN… we have our annual report from the AA crew that attended the NATIONAL AIRSOFT FESTIVAL in the UK, a BIG game report from Portugal thanks to Miguel, and our power-duo of Stewbacca and Anny firstly get 'INSIDE LCT' for an update, and secondly bring in the lowdown on the DING DING CUP Steel Challenge in Taiwan, an event that AIRSOFT ACTION was honoured to support! 

So, you want more gear, more guns, more news, and more airsoft? You’ll find a bit of everything airsoft in this issue, so kick back and get stuck in!"

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