AATV: Arthurian Airsoft Mordred AEG


More models are coming out under the Arthurian Airsoft brand and Airsoft Action TV gets to review a 416-style AEG called the Mordred... "This week we take a look at the Arthurian Airsoft Mordred Sandstone. This is a well built 416 style AEG without the price tag of some of the high end models on the market. It has a quick change spring allowing you to access the main spring without specialist tools. Video on that coming soon."

AATV: Tokyo Marui Recoil Upgrade Range


The Airsoft Action TV hosts, Anvil and Fury, show a budget upgrade to the Tokyo Marui NGRS in this video... "What's the range of an UK legal upgraded Tokyo Marui NGRS? We put a modest power upgrade into our TM Mk18 MOD.1 to see how far it can launch 0.28g and 0.32g BBs.

Our stock gun fired 0.28g out to 60m and 0.32g to 55m on 0.84J / 300 fps. This one does somewhat better...

We fitted the following parts:

Airsoft Action TV: Attack Sense Targets


Learn more about the Attack Sense Target that can be used for improving your accuracy in this episode of Airsoft Action TV. These are wireless targets with a hit detection system and cann link multiple targets via wireless... "Tom joins Phil from Clearwater Airsoft to review the rather awesome Attack Sense Target system. This is great product suitable for players, shops and sites."

AATV Perun Optical MOSFET Feature


Get to understand more about the Perun Optical MOSFETs which are getting slowly into AEGs of airsoft players in this video by Airsoft Action TV... "In this episode Tom goes over the features and benefits of the Perun Optical MOSFETS. We think they are good for the airsofter on a budget or someone with a weird project.

Our reviews units were supplied to us by Perun free of charge."

AATV: E&L Airsoft AKS-74N AEG Review


Most probably this is the Platinum Gen 2 E&L Airsoft AKS-74N AEG that gets reviewed by Airsoft Action TV together with a special guest. The E&L Airsoft AK series are sought after as they have a closer resemblance to the real deal AK as some external parts can be interchanged with the real steel version and at the same time it has proven itself durable... "This week our guest YouTube channel The English Kiwi reviews the E&L AKS-74N Airsoft Gun."

ASG CZ Shadow 2 Overview By AATV


Airsoft Action TV takes a close look at the latest CZ CO2 Blowback pistol from ASG, Shadow 2, which is recommended for Action Air shooters... "We caught up with Ben Webb from ASG UK to talk about the new and exciting ASG CZ Shadow 2 GBB Pistol. This runs on Gas and CO2 mags and is an awesome replica of the real steel competition pistol."

AATV: SiOnyx Aurora Night Vision Setup


Airsoft Action TV shows you how to setup the SiOnyx Aurora Colour Night Vision Camera in episode 79... "In this episode Tom tests and reviews the SiOnyx Aurora IR Night Vision Camera. We take it to a game, do some comparisons with a Gen II+ NVD and also go through seting up your helmet for Night Vision use. Is it good enough for Airsoft Night Vision Use? Well that depends."

Airsoft Action: LCT Airsoft AK Magazines


Are the new AK magazines from LCT Airsoft better than the older generation? Find out in this video from Airsoft Action Magazine.... "In this episode Tom tests the new generation of LCT AK mags on the range. We use three LCT AKs to review the performance. An LCT AKM fitted with their recoil kit, a LCT AKS-74 with stock gears and an LCT AK104 with a high speed gear set and a GATE Titan.

Our reviews magazines were supplied to us by LCT free of charge.

Airsoft Action TV: Tokyo Marui Glock 19


Anvil and The Power go over the Glock 19 Gas Blowback Pistol from Tokyo Marui in this episode of Airsoft Action TV, and it is episode 70... "This is a video we originally shot for Clearwater Airsoft back in February however we thought you lovely lot would like see it too.

Phil takes us over some issues he had with his gloves before we move onto his thoughts on the pistol itself.

AATV EP069: Airsoft Hit Taking


Airsoft Action TV goes to where airsoft players feel most --- taking the hit... "What happens when you get hit at range by an Airsoft BB and can you even feel it when you are wearing lots of gear? You lot asked the question and we wanted to answer it. Anvil got on his best battle rattle and Fury took up the mantle of shooting him (a lot). Could he feel it? Watch on to find out!

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