0'20 Magazine's First Issue For 2024


If you missed reading the free airsoft magazine, 0'20 Magazine, the first issue for 2024 is available to read online or in print... "The new 0'20 Magazine is available! Both paper and digital editions are FREE to browse.

You prefer to read digital ver.? no problem at all, you can read via your computer or mobile for this online edition, with extra videos, music, photo galleries etc... An interactive magazine!"


Mission First Tactical MFT Translucent EXD Magazines


It would be nice for the Airsoft manufacturers pick up on this and make coloured and translucent magazines such as these Mission First Tactical Translucent EXD Magazines for real steel use... "MFT Translucent EXD Magazine - Clear visual confirmation of round count and ammo type, textured to eliminate shine. Next-generation AR15/M4 magazine that utilizes new material technology and manufacturing processes for enhanced strength, durability, and reliability.

PTS EPM E9 Magazine Released


Those who have been waiting for the 9mm-style magazine for airsoft use from PTS Syndicate, the PTS EPM E9 Magazine which has 110-BB round capacity and polymer body. There is a caveat however that will disappoint owners of PCC-style AEGs, this is compatible to the Wolverine Airsoft MTW-9 and ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1s.

PTS EPM E9 Magazine
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Krytac Midcap Magazines Impressions


Shadow Regime Airsoft are very much impressed with the Krytac Midcap magazines... "Today we 'Unbox' and briefly review the Krytac 150RD Mid Capacity Magazines purchased from Evike.com.  We have been very pleased with the product and hope you enjoy the review and that it may help you while shopping for accessories!"

CTM Hi-Capa HPA M4 Adapter


A quick presentation by CTM on their Hi-Capa HPA M4 Adapter for those who need more capacity for their Hi-Capa pistols. With this adapter, you can use High-Pressure Air (HPA) and M4 AEG magazines on your Hicapa airsoft pistols. You will also need an M4 AEG magazine, a paintball air tank with a low-pressure regulator (0-140 psi), and a HPA line with Foster quick disconnect.

Wiring An M249 Box Mag For HPA


Looking into using an HPA-powered airsoft M249? You will also need to wired the box magazine for HPA use and in this episode of Wolverine Airsoft's "What The Tech?!", they show you how to do it... "Glenn shows how to use a Trigger Control Unit to power a box magazine with the INFERNO Gen 2 M249 Kit."

Lancer Tactical EMG L5 AWM Magazine Review


The Challenger Team Airsoft checks out the Lancer Tactical EMG L5 AWM magazine in this video. EMG presents midcap magazines of the L5 AWM type, licensed under Lancer Systems. These magazines are an excellent enhancement for a contemporary DEVGRU/Delta Force representation, given their recent usage within these units. They are compatible with the majority of standard M4/M16/AR-15 AEGs and offer a larger capacity compared to most midcaps available in the market.

Airsoft Action Magazine December 2023 Issue Available To Download


We always love free things and in airsoft getting a free airsoft magazine is one of those we love so we can read them even whilst offline. With the Airsoft Action Magazine December 2023 issue available to download, you get the best of both worlds, read it online or offline... "Another month flies by and here we are as always with a new monthly issue of AIRSOFT ACTION cram-packed with all the airsoft content we know you love!

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