0'20 Magazine English Edition Issue No. 54 Available


It's that time to have another free airsoft magazine to download to read offline or if always connected, online as Issue No. 54 (English) of 0'20 Magazine is now available... "Airsoft is based on an elementary principle, called honesty. It all starts with something as simple as being honest with yourself and with your opponent, acknowledging that you have been hit by a 6 mm ball, the concept is incredible.

Airsoft Action June 2024 Issue Now Out


Grab your latest free digital copy of Airsoft Action Magazine as their June 2024 issue is now available to download... "Another month has flown by, and 2024 already appears to be one hell of a year for new airsoft goodness, with new models dropping it seems day by day, technology racing forward again, and of course now “game season” is fully upon us even fair-weather players are heading back out!

Airsoft Action May 2024 Issue Now Available


Grab the latest issue of the free to read airsoft publication, the Airsoft Action Magazine, as the May 2024 issue is now available for online and offline reading... "It’s been a GREAT month at AAHQ, and motivation is high as we come out of the annual, international PLAYERS CHOICE AWARDS having regained the title for BEST MAGAZINE PRINT OR DIGITAL in 2024, and we’d firstly like to thank everyone that voted for us!

Arms Magazine April 2024 Cover Model: Asukachi


Learn more about the Asukachi who graces the cover of the April 2024 issue of Arms Magazine. The April issue of Monthly Arms Magazine, released on Tuesday, February 27th, features idol Asukachi as the cover model. In a unique collaboration with the community service "CHEERZ", fans voted to determine the cover model through a special project. Asukachi secured the top spot and will not only grace the cover but will also be featured in exclusive off-shot photos and an interview video.

0'20 Magazine's First Issue For 2024


If you missed reading the free airsoft magazine, 0'20 Magazine, the first issue for 2024 is available to read online or in print... "The new 0'20 Magazine is available! Both paper and digital editions are FREE to browse.

You prefer to read digital ver.? no problem at all, you can read via your computer or mobile for this online edition, with extra videos, music, photo galleries etc... An interactive magazine!"


Arms Magazine January 2024 Cover Model


In a video released by Arms Magazine for January 2024, they introduce Airi Kijima who graces the cover of the issue in its print edition... "Monthly Arms Magazine January issue released on Wednesday, December 27th! The cover model is Airi Kijima, an influencer who is an actress, idol, and singer. Check out the off-shots and interview video!"

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