Airsoft Action Magazine December 2023 Issue Available To Download


Airsoft Action Magazine December 2023 Issue

We always love free things and in airsoft getting a free airsoft magazine is one of those we love so we can read them even whilst offline. With the Airsoft Action Magazine December 2023 issue available to download, you get the best of both worlds, read it online or offline... "Another month flies by and here we are as always with a new monthly issue of AIRSOFT ACTION cram-packed with all the airsoft content we know you love!

Kicking off proceedings this month with our cover and headline review Dan gets his teeth firmly into the latest OPFOR goodness from ARCTURUS in the shape of the PP-19-01 PE Z-TAC SP1, quickly countered for BLUFOR by Miguel with his initial field notes on the all-new SPECNA ARMS SA-FX01 FLEX, and we round out our main reviews this month by sticking with all things '9mm' as Bill heads to the range with the awesome CYMA CM106A PLATINUM!

RED CELL stay on the SMG-track as they land their mid-term update on FIFTEEN MP5 VARIANTS, whilst the AA LEGION delve into the glories of AOR1 and 2 and what makes these patterns so special. There’s also a look at new eyepro from the EDGE tactical range that we’ve had in test for a while…

We then turn our attention to airsoft around the world with our international coverage as Stewbacca lands an interview with the mighty NONOCAT from New Zealand, and then reports on his recent experiences at a Level 1 Competition shoot in Tainan! Miguel brings home his now-annual look at ANA Portugal’s SALAMANDRA game, and we wrap up this month with our report on the awesome 2023 G&G CQB WORLD CUP shoot in Taipei!

You want airsoft???

We’ll bring you airsoft stories and news from all over the globe, and we hope you’ll enjoy our content this month just as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it!"


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