3D Printed Accessories For The KWA KZ61


Comrade Quiche Airsoft 3D Printed Accessories For The KWA KZ61

Comrade Quiche Airsoft goes to a CQB game with the KWA KZ61 GBB pistol that is equipped with 3D printed accessories so you can mount optics as well as mount an MPX-style stock. So what you see in the video are The KWA KZ61 which is is a versatile and customizable airsoft gun. It comes equipped with a 3D printed tracer adapter, grip adapter, stock adapter, and flashlight/optic mount. The 5ku Mpx style stock adds to its functionality, while the clone SRO red dot provides precision aiming. The Magpul AK grip offers a comfortable and secure grip, and the Acetech Blaster rounds out the package. All of these features combine to make the KWA KZ61 a formidable primary in CQB games.

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