3D Printed Accessories For The KWA KZ61


Comrade Quiche Airsoft goes to a CQB game with the KWA KZ61 GBB pistol that is equipped with 3D printed accessories so you can mount optics as well as mount an MPX-style stock. So what you see in the video are The KWA KZ61 which is is a versatile and customizable airsoft gun. It comes equipped with a 3D printed tracer adapter, grip adapter, stock adapter, and flashlight/optic mount. The 5ku Mpx style stock adds to its functionality, while the clone SRO red dot provides precision aiming.

Marushin 44 Automag Clint 1 Silver GBB


Comrade Quiche Airsoft brings the Marushin 44 Automag Clint 1 Silver GBB Pistol, or the "Dirty Harry" pistol to an airsoft gas guns only game... "Today I wanted to field a pistol I have had a for a while. Although it is quite flashy and big, the Marushin Automag is unfortunately underpowered, and not very reliable.

WE Airsoft Kel-Tec PLR-16 GBB Gameplay


Comrade Quiche Airsoft got the WE Airsoft Keltec PLR-16 GBB  to bring to action a gas guns only airsoft game... "Order 66 & Heavy Recoil Club played a friendly game with the theme: 'Gas guns only'.  With 40 players total, it was our largest Gas-Guns-Only private game!

This included GBB/NBB pistols, GBB/NBB rifles, and spring powered guns. Tapped gas guns were also OK. As long as the replica started life as a gas gun, you are good to go (No HPA'd AEGs)."

Airsoft Mosin Nagant For Indoor Play


Comrade Quiche Airsoft had fun playing with a Mosin Nagant airsoft rifle indoors at Project N1... "Since it is common knowledge that a short length replica is easier to maneuver indoors, I decided to use the customized Airsoft Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle, complete with tracer unit mounted in a faux supressor.

Also, since it was Easter Sunday we had an 'egg hunt' game mode!"

ToyTec & MGC Calicos In Action At Hollywood Sports Park


Will these vintage airsoft guns released in the 1980s keep up with airsoft guns in the 21st Century? Comrade Quiche Airsoft got his gameplay footage showing ToyTec and MGC Calicos used at a game at the Hollywood Sports Park. We just hope somebody reproduce these space-age style rifles for airsoft gun... "Order 66 played a friendly game at Hollywood Sports Paintball & Airsoft in SoCal, coordinated by Phil! Thanks Phil!"

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