Netflix Documentary Series on World's Elite Special Forces To Premiere On 22 May

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Netflix Toughest Forces on Earth

A new documentary series, "Toughest Forces on Earth," is set to premiere on Netflix on 22 May, 2024. This series offers an unprecedented look inside the world's most elite and secretive military units. Viewers will gain insights into their training methods, weaponry, and combat tactics.

According to C21 Media, the series follows the journeys of three veterans: US Army Ranger Cameron Fath, British Special Forces operator Dean Stott, and US Navy SEAL Ryan Bates. These former special operations soldiers leverage their unique experiences to provide viewers with an authentic perspective on what it takes to be part of these elite forces.

Commissioned by Netflix's unscripted and non-fiction executives Mollie Block and Todd Hurvitz, "Toughest Forces on Earth" is produced by Emporium Productions, a UK-based company. The series is available in multiple languages, catering to a global audience.

Each episode delves deep into a different elite military unit, displaying their gruelling training regimens, the advanced weaponry they utilize, and the tactics they employ in real-world scenarios.

The elite forces from around the globe encompass a diverse range of units. These include the Jordanian Special Forces, renowned for their expertise, and Colombia's distinguished Jungla Commando police unit. The list also features the Swedish Parachute Rangers, known for their exceptional skills, and the Malaysian Army Special Forces, who are highly trained for various operations. Mexico's Special Forces and the Philippines Navy Seals are also part of this esteemed group, demonstrating remarkable proficiency in their respective fields. Austria's Jagdkommando unit, with their specialized training, and the US Navy's EOD bomb disposal unit, recognized for their critical role in security, are also included in this international roster of elite forces.

However, the series goes beyond just highlighting military might. It delves into the human spirit, highlighting the determination, resilience, and courage required to be part of these elite forces. Viewers will also witness the strong sense of camaraderie and brotherhood that binds these units together.

Originally titled "Inside the World's Toughest Forces," the series is a spin-off from the 2016 series "Inside the World's Toughest Prisons." This shift in focus offers viewers a fresh perspective and a new adventure into the world of elite military operations.

Packed with adventure, human interest stories, and a deep respect for the military profession, "Toughest Forces on Earth" is a must-watch for anyone interested in military operations, tactics, and the dedicated individuals who serve their nations.

Whether you're a military enthusiast or an airsofter simply seeking an engaging and informative series, "Toughest Forces on Earth" promises a captivating journey into the world's most elite and secretive military units.

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