3D Printed Accessories For The KWA KZ61


Comrade Quiche Airsoft goes to a CQB game with the KWA KZ61 GBB pistol that is equipped with 3D printed accessories so you can mount optics as well as mount an MPX-style stock. So what you see in the video are The KWA KZ61 which is is a versatile and customizable airsoft gun. It comes equipped with a 3D printed tracer adapter, grip adapter, stock adapter, and flashlight/optic mount. The 5ku Mpx style stock adds to its functionality, while the clone SRO red dot provides precision aiming.

Airsoftnmore KWA Kz.61 Scorpion GBB Review


Latest quick review from Airsoftnmore is about the KWA Kz.61 Scorpion GBB which they have in stock... "Another awesome and unique SMG by KWA, not you can get your favorite Czech sub machine gun in a gas blowback package! Comes with a standard capacity mag but there are extended mags available at our store right now. Check out the Scorpion on our website or come on instore to check it out!"

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