Umarex/VFC HK45 CT vs KWA HK45


Joe Toys does a comparison of two HK45 gas blowback pistols the compact HK45 CT  Umarex/VFC and full size HK45 from KWA... "I introduced the KWA HK45 a long time ago. This time I introduce the HK45 CT short version of the SEAL tactical pistol produced by UMAREX/VFC. The US military model MK24 Mod0 can directly accept a silencer. It is a small version of the HK45 with a smaller hand my friend believes in the size of the gas pistol, and it is very stylish."

Umarex Walther P99 GBB Pistol Test


Venture Shop tests the Walther P99 GBB pistol from Umarex in this video... "Faaaaala guys! For today's review we brought you a Umarex pistol that is just incredible. The Airsoft Pistol Walther P99 is a GBB model, licensed and made to offer the best performance at a very affordable value. Let's meet this beauty!"

Marushin SIG P210 GBB Review By Mach Sakai


As SIG Pistols seem to be all the rage these days, Mach Sakai takes a look at the SIG P210 Gas Blowback Pistol made by Marushin. Both the lower frame and slide are made of ABS plastic, a magazine capacity of 12 + 1 BBs, and an initial muzzle velocity of the 236fps on 134A Gas. Check how it performs at his range as well a go over its features.

G&G GTP-9 GBB Pistol At Bomb-Up Airsoft


A quick presentation by Bomb Up Airsoft of the G&G GTP-9 GBB Pistol that they have available... "We have a fully ambidextrous GBB pistol which isn't a HK design, and it doesn't just look great, but also has some G&G intelligence inside too. Featuring G&Gs now-usual 'Whirl' valve, which spins when fired to break up any ice deposits inside the nozzle.

Vorsk Agency VX-9 Twin Pack Special Edition


A double treat from Airsoft Mike as he unpacks the Vorsk Agency VX-9 Twin Pack Special Edition... "Today we unbox the twin pack of the Vorsk Agency VX-9, based on that very popular franchise that has an agent called 47!

This particular product has a very limited run and already hard to find, HOWEVER, they do also come as a single sidearm, so you can just buy two if you really want that 47 vibe!"

Mach Sakai With The Tokyo Marui MTR16 Gold Gas Blowback Rifle


Mach Sakai checks out the MTR-G or the Gold Edition of the Tokyo Marui MTR16 Gas Blowback Rifle if it has some improvements with the Frontier recoil buffer over the originaL MTR16... "The bullets may hit and scatter inside with a long sap. Frontier's original recoil buffer is the best! I tried whether the suppressor is effective if it is long or if it is effective with a gas blowback gas gun."

Modify-Tech PP2000 GBB SMG Unboxing


Pheas Airsoft got to have his hands on the new Modify-Tech PP2K GBB SMG for this unboxing video... "I finally managed to get the time (between work, family and puppies) to film and edit the unboxing of the PP2k from Modify. I bought this from longbowbb, I got the power house package with all the added extras with it, because who doesn't want a fully tooled up PP2k!

USAirsoft's Modify PP2000 Shooting Compilation


After an unboxing video, USAirsoft goes on to shoot the newly Modify PP2K GBB SMG in this video... "I just might make more of these shooting compilations if this one does well.

I think the Modify PP2000 is kinda asking for a shooting compilation so I just had to do it. Next is the full length review!

A gas blowback SMG like this especially when it was in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield 3 and 4 in airsoft form is just too cool to shoot."

Joe Toys: GHK M4 URG-I MK16 SOPMOD Block 3 GBBR


Joe Toys presents the GHK M4 URG-I MK16 SOPMOD Block 3 Gas Blowback Rifle that has been made available in the market recently. Text is machine translated from Chinese so it's a bit confusing... "In recent years, GHK AIRSOFT has been very enterprising and has released two m4 gbbrs at once, namely M4 sopmod block 3 mk16 urg-i 14.5-inch and 10.3-inch versions. The original Colt authorizes the horse logo, Geissele mk16 urg-i Rail and cocking handle.

Army Armament R603 Review By AMNB


Arius checks out an affordable Army Armament R603 GBB pistol for the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB)... "The Army Armament R603 is a very close likelihood to the (formerly STI) Staccato P 2011 which is a very nice race pistol. We take a close look at the pistol prior to being subject to testing and review.

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