C.G. Haenel Issue Statement On The Selection Of The MK556 As The New Bundeswehr Rifle

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Whilst we wait for Heckler & Koch if they will be filing an appeal on the selection the Haenel MK556 rifle over their offerings, the HK433 and the HK416, we have not heard of any officially statement from C.G.

BRZRKR, Keanu Reeve’s Comic Book Project Blasts Through Its Crowdfunding Goals


In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Keanu Reeve is busier than ever with projects. He is filming the latest The Matrix movie and had his Bill and Ted Face The Music recently released to good reviews and to the delight of fans of the Bill and Ted movie franchise.

Glock Finally Wins 6-Year Old Lawsuit Against AirSplat.com

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6 years may seem a lifetime in airsoft, but in legal circles, that can be a short time and of course good business for lawyers. Six years ago, we reported about the lawsuit filed by Glock Inc.

Columbia’s Facet 45 OutDry Shoe Looks Fitting For Indoor & Outdoor Airsoft Games


If you are looking for speed when airsoft games, whether indoor or outdoor, you might want to look at some sneaker-inspired boots. For some they look at trail running shoes though they just recoil at some of these being in bright colors and prefer them to be in more subdued colors that we prefer so they can be “tactical” enough to use.

BirnyX Is Back With “Airsoft Vs Corona” After Two Years Since Their Last Video

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One of our favourite airsoft YouTube Channels, BirnyX, is back after two years of hibernation. The channel, which debuted with its first video thirteen years ago, really made themselves famous with their funny “Airsoft vs Reality” series.

Just For Kicks: Car Washing Got More Fun With The DeBerti AR-Foam Cannon


Washing cars can be a chore or can be fun for car owners, depending on how they take care of their cars. For the petrolheads, it can be a joy taking care of a nicely built car after a day out burning rubber, washing down the dirt and oil to make their car look shiny again.

Heckler & Koch Looking To Appeal Decision On The New Bundeswehr Rifle

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Perhaps a good number of our readers were surprised with the announcement that C.G. Haenel won the bid for the System Sturmgewehr Bundeswehr program with the MK556 rifle.

GoPro Unveils Hero 9 Black That Features A Front Display, 5K Video & Hypersmooth 3.0

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The action camera wars just got hotter and even better with GoPro firing a shot across the bow of DJI and borrowing a feature from the OSMO Action Camera --- a front display.

Springfield Releases The 1911 Ronin Operator 4.25” Pistol In 9mm & .45 ACP Versions


It looks like Springfield Armory is not done yet with releasing compact pistols and their latest release should make those who love the 1911 ergonomics (airsofters included) and would want in CCW-style form happy.

C.G. Haenel MK556 Chosen To Replace The G36 As The Bundeswehr’s New Rifle

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Two years ago, we reported that the candidates for the replacement of the System Sturmgewehr Bundeswehr program to replace the G36 rifle narrowed down to two: the Heckler & Koch HK433 and the C.G.

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