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RedWolf Airsoft Review: Real Sword Type 56


Due to the political circumstances and events after the second world war, the Soviet Union and People's Republic of China were friendly neighbours to each other. A lot of technological advancements from the former were adopted in China, most notably (from the viewpoint of this article), the Kalashnikov AK-47. 

Readings On Urban Combat


Sitting down over pints of beer with MadDog after an airsoft CQB skirmish game, he explained to me why he wants to go into more CQB and Urban Assault skirmishes rather than woodland.

Snap Survey on British Airsofters' Preparedness On The VCR Act


Today is 1 October 2007, the day on which the Violent Crime Reduction Act Provisions on Real Imitation Firearms (RIFs which also include airsoft guns) take effect.

Stones vs. Bullets: A No Joke Skirmish

Gungho Cowboy

Editor's Note: After carefully evaluating if this article needs to be published here since it is not about airsoft per se, we deemed that we can allow this as we are also for freedom of expression, and freedom of the press.

My 10 Best War Movies of All Time

Gungho Cowboy

Something for you to start with, a movie collection, apart from making your own airsoft weaponry collection. I am a movie buff, which I am sure, most of you are. I made my list of the best war movies, which of course you are free to make your own article on your own preferred war movies.

Fixing Your A&K 5000-Round Box Magazine


For all of those who have ordered the AnK 5000 Rounds Box Magazine for M4/M16 replicas with electric winding and had problems with it, worry no more. That is, if you want to fix the problem of your connector falling off inside the box mag, rendering your remote switch pad useless.

Richard Marcinko: Rogue Warrior


Now, here we go again for our recommended book for all of you airsofters out there. This book is actually first released in 1993, but has generated controversy among military and political circles, and has catapulted the author, Richard Marcinko to fame.

RedWolf Review of the Tokyo Marui SA Vz.61 Scorpion


Does the Tokyo Marui Vz61 Scorpion have a sting in its tail? Take a look at our Review for the lowdown.That's the introduction of RedWolf Airsoft of this nice little AEG, the Samopal Vzor 1961/ S

Airsoft Videos from Around the World


Here are some airsoft videos we have found at YouTube.com from around the world. We'll be featuring more videos during weekends from wherever we find them online. We would welcome video contributions or leads of interesting airsoft videos coming from airsoft teams.

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