Advisory: Regular Publishing Resumes on 17 October 2007


This is our final update on migrating our site to our new hosting provider. We all thank you for your patience waiting for us. Just a little bit over 24 hours of waiting more and we'll be back posting all the latest news and features that you want to read. We are just making the final adjustments and ensuring that all files and content that have been made for this site will appear properly on Wednesday.

We also give thanks to our friends and sites who helped us spread the word of our advisories. Especially to Airsoft-news.eu guys who have been so much helpful in posting our advisory and offered help to us to ensure that we can have our site up and running again.

See you on Wednesday, and we'll have the latest news for you to read.

Our heartfelt thanks to our readers and friends.

All for the sport,

The PopularAirsoft Team 

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