Venture Shop On Brazil's 2023 Arms Decree


With the former president Lula now having a fresh start as president of Brazil with populist Bolsonaro now out office and is said to be in Florida, the airsoft and shooting communities are worried about the 2023 Arms Decree? Venture Shop explains in this video... "Hey guys, all right? As most of you already know, the new decree established by the Lula Government has been a matter of great concern for the Airsoft and Sports Shooting community.

Carol Grillo: Sao Paolo Airsoft Game Sites


Whoa! According to Carol Grillo, there are about 200 airsoft game sites in Sao Paolo, the most populous city in Brazil. We wonder if many players in the area have gone to all of them though Carol won't reveal the names and address of the fields. An airsoft field maintainer would have to give permission to her before she reveals details. Watch below:

IPSC Action Air Championship In Brazil


Paulista Federation of Practical Shooting (PFTP) are inviting airsoft practical shooters to participate in the IV Stage of the IPSC Paulista Championship 2017- ACTION AIR. This will take place on the 29th of October with an RO Pre-Match on the 28th. This event will take place at the CTTR Recon, Rua Sebastião Bach, 89, Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo, Brazil. Registration is still ongoing.

Good News For German Airsoft Players


Congratulations are in order for Germany for winning the World Cup for the first time as a unified country (but fourth title overall). And for the German airsoft players, they also get to celebrate with this offer from the AA Store ans Tacstore... "Free shipping on all orders above CHF 100 / EUR 80 to Germany, valid from today until 20 July 2014. Simply enter the code SCHLAND into the voucher field and before check-out the shipping fee will be deducted in the order overview.

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