Venture Shop On Brazil's 2023 Arms Decree


Venture Shop On Brazil's 2023 Arms Decree

With the former president Lula now having a fresh start as president of Brazil with populist Bolsonaro now out office and is said to be in Florida, the airsoft and shooting communities are worried about the 2023 Arms Decree? Venture Shop explains in this video... "Hey guys, all right? As most of you already know, the new decree established by the Lula Government has been a matter of great concern for the Airsoft and Sports Shooting community. This new decree revokes Jair Bolsonaro's previous ones on weapons and has generated many doubts and uncertainties. In this video, we clarify the content of this decree and its implications for the affected community. It is important that everyone is well informed about these changes and understands their impacts. Play the video so that your understanding becomes clearer!"

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