DesertFox Airsoft On Glock Versus


You all know by now that Glock won its case against after six years. DesertFox Airsoft gives his take on this case especially about his experiences with the once big airsoft retailer in the U.S... "During this live stream I’m going to be explaining the history of Airsplat and my experiences with them along with how and why they were sued by Glock."

South Korea's Airsoft Gun Regulation


Planning on going to South Korea for some airsoft time? Better learn about the regulations there and here is Eaglin Airsoft Studio to tell you what you need to learn... "This video is about South Korea's airsoft regulation. Despite our country is small and we have lots of harsh regulations about airsoft, there's still people who wants to play this awesome sports. That's reason why I start my channel, to show people that airsoft is super amazing sports, not criminal.

Spartan117gw Arrested For Posing As National Guard Member In Los Angeles


Airsoft groups on social media and forums went lit up when reports from major news outlets confirm that airsoft YouTuber Gregory Wong, popular known as Spartan117gw in airsoft, was arrested in Los Angeles last 2 June for allegedly posing as a member of the National Guard.

The National Guard has been deployed in cities by state governors to help keep peace and order amidst the protests and rioting brought about by the killing of George Floyd by a policeman in Minneapolis.

Airsoft In Germany For Beginners & Foreigners


Savyor put together information to help beginners and non-locals understand the rules in playing airsoft in Germany... "I have collected as many information as I could regarding the first steps of Airsoft in Germany, I hope I put more details that I could, but if you have questions always ask! For German players, if I have made some mistakes reporting some rules,or laws, just post it on the comments! I love the feedback when they improve my experience! See you with the next videos!"

German Airsoft Players Need To Act


The Third Weapons Law Amendment Act being proposed in the German Bundestag will affect all magazines even those used in airsoft according to the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB)...  "This here really needs your attention and action too!! The restriction is for a max capacity of all rifle mags 10 rounds and all pistol mags 20 rounds. Mags that go into both weapons count as rifle mags if you have both (glock and 9mm carbine with glock mags). Sign the petition so we may can stop it because this effects Airsoft magazines too!!

18-Year Old With Airsoft Gun Arrested


Another man gets arrested for misuse of airsoft gun. According to, deputies arrested an 18-year old man in Hastings, Florida for pointing an airsoft gun at a child at a bus stop. The suspect, Douglas Sippio III, is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as reported by the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

14-Year Old w/ Airsoft Gun Killed By Police


A 14-year old boy suspected to be burglarizing a vehicle in Tempe, Arizona was shot and killed by the police. The police were pursuing the boy who turned around with a gun prompting the pursuers to fire hitting him. They tried to administer CPR to no avail. The pistol he was carrying is a 1911-style airsoft gun.

Read more here.

New Airsoft Rules In Holland Explained


Last year, it was announced that new limits set in Joules instead of FPS will take effect in the Netherlands by the 1st of April 2019. The Dutch Airsoft Association, NABV, has put out a video to explain more as part of their info campaign to their members... "As of the 1st of april new rules apply for Airsoft in Holland. In this video we explain the changes as they are decided."

Guide To Flying With Airsoft Guns


DesertFox Airsoft posts a comprehensive guide in flying with airsoft guns that players in the U.S. can follow to avoid trouble with the law... "In this video I cover how to fly with airsoft guns and firearms within the United States of America. This is a comprehensive guide to flying with airsoft guns and firearms."

T.Rex Arms On 3D-Printed Gun Laws


The issue about 3D-Printed Guns rages on (airsoft not covered by this as it is more about 3D printed guns being able to fire live bullets) and here is T.Rex Arms giving their take on this issue... "Isaac Botkin of T.REX ARMS visits Washington DC to talk about how proposed bans on 3D printers and digital files affect American Liberty."

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