Khan Seb With The Tokyo Marui AKM GBBR


Another round of shooting tests by Khan Seb and he tests the Tokyo Marui AKM Gas Blowback Rifle. The first Kalashnilov GBB rifle from the Japanese airsoft company the AKM GBBR gets fired in slow motion in full and semi modes. Also seen in the video are chrono of the velocity, distance shoots, magazine dum, sight adjustments and more.

Khan Seb With The Vintage KHC M800 Shotgun


We to have another look at the vintage KHC M800 Shotgun which was first introduced in 1993, which will make it 30 years old next year. This is a airsoft shotgun that spews out 4 BBs as compared to Tokyo Marui's tri-shot airsoft shotgun which got copied by other airsoft manufacturers. Khan Seb owns one of these and he does an unboxing and overview of this now rare airsoft shotgun... "An interesting gun, even if it's REALLY vintage.

Khan Seb's Tokyo Marui FAMAS SV AEG Unboxing


French YouTuber Khan Seb does an unboxing of the FAMAS SV AEG from Tokyo Marui. This AEG traces its origins to the first AEG ever released by Tokyo Marui, leading to its dominance in the airsoft market. The cheek piece is removable and the safety is on the trigger to prevent accidental firing and since it's mainly made of ABS, is lightweight.

Khan Seb With The ICS CXP MARS 2 Carbine AEG


Khan Seb gets to have his hands on the new ICS CXP MARS 2 Carbine AEG for this quick overview video... "Thanks to ICS for this replica! At the time of making this video, the replica is not yet available. It should be available soon, for a price between 400 and 500 euros in France.

This video is made to be watched with the subtitles activated.

This replica was provided to me free of charge by ICS."

Khan Seb Tries The CYMA CM.041G Platinum AEG


How does Khan Seb find the CYMA CM.041G Platinum MP5-style AEG? Watch the video... "This video concerns the CM.041G from Cyma, a model from their 'Platinum' series. It is a modernized MP5 replica (PDW type stock, 130-round magazine, magazine ejection lever, flat trigger, hand guard and top rail), whose main characteristic is to have a very high rate of fire out of the box."

Khan Seb: RWA Agency Arms EXA Shooting Test


Khan Seb reviews the fully licensed RWA Agency Arms Gas Blowback Pistol which is the first gas airsoft pistol that RWA has ever released under the combined Agency Arms & Lone Wolf Distribution licenses... "Thanks Redwolf Airsoft for sending me this gun ! It's available on their website for 149,99 USD.

The gun shown in this video has been sent to me for free by Redwolf Airsoft."

Khan Seb With The RWA Agency Arms EXA


Khan Seb checks out the fully licensed Agency Arms EXA Gas Blowback Pistol from RWA. This is also licensed from Lone Wolf Distributors this has front Fiber Optic Sight that is paired witth a blacked out Rear Sight. It is ambidextrous in operation and also has a blacked out inner barrel.

Khan Seb Unboxes The Tokyo Marui MP5A4 NGRS


Famous airsoft YouTuber, Khan Seb, does an unboxing of the latest NGRS from Tokyo Marui, the MP5A5 NGRS... "The MP5A5 Tokyo Marui is the latest Marui EBBR in date. You can really feel an improvement compared to other Marui EBBR, notably with the use of fiber nylon for the plastic parts of the gun, but also for the high realism of the manipulation of the gun.

Khan Seb: What Happened To Me?


Have you wondered what happened to Khan Seb, the French airsoft dude who has a big following on YouTube? He has posted a video recently explaining his absence, what happened to him at the end of 2017 and why he has lost his passion in airsoft. We do wish him luck in whatever endeavour he goes into.

M4A1 DAS GBLS Maximum Range Test


Khan Seb, the French Airsoft Dude, takes the GBLS DAS M4A1 AEG for a range test to see how far it goes. We don't know if this the first version or the second version which is now in production... "Here is the DAS M4A1 from GBLS, a south Korean airsoft brand. The DAS M4A1 is, strictly speaking, an AEG, but it works with an actual bolt carrier which really makes it feel like a GBBR.

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