Khan Seb With The Vintage KHC M800 Shotgun


Khan Seb With The Vintage KHC M800 Shotgun

We to have another look at the vintage KHC M800 Shotgun which was first introduced in 1993, which will make it 30 years old next year. This is a airsoft shotgun that spews out 4 BBs as compared to Tokyo Marui's tri-shot airsoft shotgun which got copied by other airsoft manufacturers. Khan Seb owns one of these and he does an unboxing and overview of this now rare airsoft shotgun... "An interesting gun, even if it's REALLY vintage. Among the interesting features, there is the noise it makes when arming the pump which I find particularly satisfying. This gun also shoots 4 bbs per shot, which is nice, but without hop up the performances are really poor."

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