Khan Seb Unboxes The Tokyo Marui MP5A4 NGRS


Famous airsoft YouTuber, Khan Seb, does an unboxing of the latest NGRS from Tokyo Marui, the MP5A5 NGRS... "The MP5A5 Tokyo Marui is the latest Marui EBBR in date. You can really feel an improvement compared to other Marui EBBR, notably with the use of fiber nylon for the plastic parts of the gun, but also for the high realism of the manipulation of the gun.

Khan Seb: What Happened To Me?


Have you wondered what happened to Khan Seb, the French airsoft dude who has a big following on YouTube? He has posted a video recently explaining his absence, what happened to him at the end of 2017 and why he has lost his passion in airsoft. We do wish him luck in whatever endeavour he goes into.

M4A1 DAS GBLS Maximum Range Test


Khan Seb, the French Airsoft Dude, takes the GBLS DAS M4A1 AEG for a range test to see how far it goes. We don't know if this the first version or the second version which is now in production... "Here is the DAS M4A1 from GBLS, a south Korean airsoft brand. The DAS M4A1 is, strictly speaking, an AEG, but it works with an actual bolt carrier which really makes it feel like a GBBR.

Khan Seb: Amoeba Modular Stock System


The French Airsft Dude, Khan Seb, shows the new Amoeba Airsoft Modular Stock System... "Thanks to Ares Amoeba for this ! For now I don't think this product is available anywhere, I don't know the price of it or where you could buy it. I'll update it when I have more informations.

The Amoeba modular stock system is a stock and a serie of accessories made to give a more DMR/Sniper look to your gun, assuming it has a M4 type stock tube.

The French Gear Locker Special Episode


This is some serious production that we highly recommend that you watch. A special episode by the French Airsoft YouTube Channel, The Gear Locker, in cooperation with the French Airsoft Federation was released a few days ago according to Ipak who is the host and directore of Gear Locker. This production includes French airsoft celebrities such as Khan-Seb (French Airsoft Dude), Tonton Jim (Airsoft Wide) and Ding Chavez (L'Antre de Ding).

Mosin Nagant: Airsoft Versus Real Deal


Now this is interesting, we have Neo035, the French reviewer who reviews period airsoft guns, especially World War II airsoft guns. In this review, he tags along another famous French airsoft dude, Khan Seb, who shows up in his own WW2 Soviet Uniform as both of them go over the Mosin Nagant rifle versions --- airsoft and the real one.

Interview on The ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1


Ivan pointed to us this video link to the ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1 interview by the French Airsoft Dude, Khan Seb as he visited the Action Sport Games (ASG) booth during the recent Paris Shooting Games Show 2013. We almost wrote this as "vaporware" after giving it much attention when it was first revealed as the update on its production was just rare with airsoft players going for the GHK G5 GBB, which is the closest thing that airsoft players could get their hands on the Scorpion.

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