Gorky Team Bratva On The NPO AEG VSK 94


A review done by Gorky Team Bratva of the NPO AEG VSK 94. This is the sniper variant of the 9A-91 a compact assault weapon used by Russian police forces and used in town for counter-terrorist operations. The gearbox has been upgraded to support a stronger sprng and overall the airsoft replica has very high level of detail.

NPO-AEG VSS Vintorez 2020 Edition AEG Review


Theta Airsoft give their take on the 2020 Edition of the NPO-AEG VSS Vintorez AEG... "NON COMMERCIAL VIDEO Overview of the VSS Vintorez 20 generation (2020 release) from NPO AEG In the video, I tried to tell my impressions of the drive in as much detail as possible, took a close-up of all the details from all sides and explained their features. Connoisseurs will notice differences from previous versions."

Airsoft Sports On The NPO-AEG SR-3M "Cardin" AEG


Airsoft Sports give their take on the NPO-AEG SR-3M "Cardin" AEG that they have in stock at their store... "A removable silencer is provided for the SR-3M 'Cardin'airsoft gun. Moreover, the rifle can be equipped with optical sights for AK, SVD, Saiga, Tiger, VSS and AS. Gearbox of the third version allows you to modify and improve the model at your own will.

Airsoft Sport's NPO-AEG SR-3M AEG Overview


A very quick look at the NPO-AEG SR-3M AEG as done by Airsoft Sports and they have it available to order... "A brief overview of the NPO AEG SR 3M airsoft drive. You can buy and get acquainted with more detailed technical characteristics on our website.




Airsoft Sports got available at their store the NPO-AEG VSS-M RIS AEG and here is their take on this AEG... "The airsoft copy, like the real world military weapon, differs from the standard product by the absence of a rail for mounting optics on the receiver; instead, there is a picatinny rail on the receiver cover.

To install bipods or other attachments, a special clamp with three picatinny rails is installed on the PBS.

LCT Airsoft & NPO-AEG AS VAL AEG Mag Compatibility


De AirsoftKameraad wants to find it of the magazines for the LCT Airsoft AS VAL AEG will fit the airsoft version made by NPO-AEG in this video... "Will LCT magazines fit an NPO AS VAL? In this video ill show if it does! I recently acquired this 20th NPO AS VAL, but i also have some LCT magazines. So instead of listening to the internet who say it doesnt fit, i tried it. The result pleasantly suprised me, it fits and feeds! See the video for more information."

Airsoft Sports' NPO-AEG SR-2M AEG Overview


The NPO-AEG SR-2M AEG is available at Airsoft Sports in Russia and here is their brief overview of this compact AEG. Known as the "Veresk" this is based on the Russian SMG that fires the 9×21mm Gyurza pistol round. The SR-2M is a modified version that comes a vertical foregrip, folding stock and can be mounted with a red dot sight.

NPO-AEG VSS Taktik AEG Overview


A quick overview video of the NPO-AEG VSS Taktik AEG available at Airsoft Sports... "A brief overview of the airsoft drive NPO AEG VSS Taktik. The battery is located in the PBS, battery LiPO 11.1V 1100-1450mAh 3, three-leaf. You can buy and get acquainted with more detailed technical characteristics on our website."

NPO-AEG VKS 94 Assembly & Overview


Elementary Airsoft puts together the NPO-AEG VKS 94 AEG and gives us an overview of this AEG. This AEG has a heavyweight steel receiver and mock suppressor; comes with a 6.02mm inner barrel; the Ver3 gearbox consists of high torque gears and high torque motor; and the externa furniture are high strength polymer handguard and stock with comfortable rubber buttpad.

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