Airsoft Sports On The NPO-AEG SR-3M "Cardin" AEG


Airsoft Sports On The NPO-AEG SR-3M "Cardin" AEG

Airsoft Sports give their take on the NPO-AEG SR-3M "Cardin" AEG that they have in stock at their store... "A removable silencer is provided for the SR-3M 'Cardin'airsoft gun. Moreover, the rifle can be equipped with optical sights for AK, SVD, Saiga, Tiger, VSS and AS. Gearbox of the third version allows you to modify and improve the model at your own will. Two modes of fire - single and automatic - make the machine gun a truly versatile weapon for the winner. And thanks to the steel body, the model becomes shock-resistant.

Buy the SR-3M 'Cardin' assault rifle and feel like an employee of the Russian special services."

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