Is The Rossi Neptune PDW Worth It?


NCP Airsoft talks about Rossi Neptune PDW if gives the most bang for the buck in this video. The Neptune PDW, a compact personal defense weapon ideal for urban combat, boasts a robust metallic body with a high-quality anodized finish. It features a reinforced gearbox with 8mm wheels, a quick-shift muelle system, a metallic die piston, and an electronic trigger system powered by a magnetic sensor.

Airsoft Skills: Rossi Neptune 9" MARSOC AEG


Airsoft Skills walks us through the features of the Rossi Neptune 9" MARSOC AEG. This AEG has an electronic trigger with active brake that features combined CNC gears, a reinforced piston with steel teeth, bushings with 8 mm bearing, a QD spring guide with bearing, and a fuse. It also has a 6.02 mm precision barrel, a one-piece outer barrel, a MK18 CNC black handguard, folding metal sights, a metal stock tube, and a nylon fiber stock.

All About The Rossi Neptune AR15 MARSOC AEG


Blackstar airsoft shop in Brazil give more inforrmation abou the Neptune AR15 MARSOC AEG which they carry at their shop... "Learn all about Marsoc, by Rossi. An excellent cost-effective AEG within the Neptune range. With nylon fiber body and metal handguard, it delivers resistance and lightness to the operator in the field. Beautiful.

L'antre Du Dingo: Rossi Neptune SAS Gen 2


L'antre Du Dingo goes over the Rossi Neptune SAS Gen 2 AEG that is in Europe now. This features several upgrades inside and outside, including the new V2 trigger that can be programmed to shoot semi, auto, binary or bursts of 2, 3, 4 or 5. The Neptune SAS has a 6.02 mm precision barrel, MOSFET, easy spring change and many reinforced components. The replica is said to be very solid and stable, with no wobble, and has a paint coating that protects it well.

Rossi Neptune AK105S AEG Overview


Rossi show the Neptune AK105S AEG which can be found at Brazilian airsoft retailers and carrieed by Rossi Europe in the region. This AEG comes with a 6.03 pecision inner barrel, electronic trigger and MOSFET. Body is mainly made of polymer with certain areas being metal.

Rossi Neptune AK74 AEG Review


Just recently launched in early March 2023 is the Neptune AK74 AEG by Rossi of Brazil. This AEG has has a precision barrel, with a diameter of 6.03mm and a length of 450mm. It come with an integrated MOSFET and when purchased, comes with 2 MID CAP 130 rds magazines.

Timerzanov Airsoft: Rossi Neptune SAS AEG


The Rossi Neptune SAS AEG is probably the first AEG to be reviewed by Timerzanov Airsoft from the Brazilian company... "hello everyone! Today I invite you to discover the Rossi Neptune SAS, an M4 type replica with a specific handguard. The Neptune range is a series of all different and varied M4 style replicas, they come with a good box content, a quick spring change and a programmable mosfet. In short, I let you discover it on video!

Commando Store: ROSSI Neptune 9" MARSOC


Commando Store presents the ROSSI Neptune 9" MARSOC, a MK18-style AEG that is available at their store... The new ROSSI Marsoc, the MK18 have been the most popular, but this MARSOC comes with a very interesting equipment, it has a programmable electronic trigger with active brake that allows the piston to rest.

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