Commando Store: Rossi Neptune Seal AEG


Commando Store: Rossi Neptune Seal AEG

Commando Store of Chile quickly goes over the different features of the Rossi Neptune Seal AEG that customers in South American can order from them... "The ROSSI NEPTUNE SEAL, is a replica with a totally metallic body, like the entire NEPTUNE range, with a weight of 2.5 kilos, a suitable weight to play quietly, it is not very small but not very long either, it is a 71 cm closed replica that It will allow you to easily explore the CQB, it has several anchor points so you can lengthen it and be comfortable even in the open field, it can lengthen up to 80cm. Despite having a metal handguard, it is quite light since it has several holes that allow the correct distribution of weight, it also has a complete upper picatinny rail, and right at the tip of the handguard, all four sides have picatinny.

Its gear is completely metallic, its piston has metallic teeth, if you read correctly, they are metallic, this will allow you to use 11.1 batteries without problems, the spring guide is metallic and the nozzle too. So after reading so much metal, believe us this reply is quite strong."

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